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CSA: Screening Applicants to the Priesthood

CSA is childhood sexual abuse. The issue affects every institution that deals with children: schools, athletic and recreational organizations, healthcare systems, religions, and families. This series of articles addresses different aspects of the problem. The author, Ronald L. Conte Jr., … Continue reading

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Should the Bishops Oversee Child Abuse Cases?

Washington Post: “The U.S. Catholic bishops voted … to create the first national hotline for reporting sexual abuse committed by or mishandled by bishops. But they specified that the hotline send reports directly to other bishops, essentially demanding that the … Continue reading

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Does Priestly Celibacy result in Child Abuse? No.

Here’s an article from LifeSiteNews: Francis’ former doctrine chief blasts Vatican reform plan, German bishops on sex abuse, and a quote from the interview: Cardinal Müller: “This is something crazy. They think that sexual abuse by some clergy has something … Continue reading

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Please Ignore Janet Smith on the Topic of Child Abuse

Janet E. Smith, Ph.D., has a painful-to-read article on the state of the Church: God Chose You to Live at This Moment in Church History. I had to check the calendar after reading it, to see if it might be … Continue reading

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Reply to Objections about Pell’s Conviction

Objection: A task force was set up to look for crimes by Pell. They had no accusers, and were just looking for dirt on him. Reply: That is a half-truth. The task force began in 2013; they knew of past … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler defends Convicted Child Molester George Pell

Phil Lawler: The preposterous case against Cardinal Pell (Feb 27, 2019) Mr. Lawler is a schismatic who has rejected the authority of Pope Francis, calling him a “Lost Shepherd” who is “misleading his flock”. He has also rejected the authority … Continue reading

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Allegations Against Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell maintains his innocence on all allegations, including his conviction (overturned on final appeal). He was acquitted from the following charges: 5 counts of child molestation: 1 count of sexual penetration of a child under 16, and 4 … Continue reading

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Jeff Mirus versus the evidence on Clergy Abuse

Dr. Mirus asks: Are those who experience same-sex attraction prone to abuse? And then he proclaims that he will ignore the evidence from experts in child sexual abuse and empirical studies: “I am sure there are statistics available somewhere on … Continue reading

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Notes on the Abuse Summit

Here are the 21 points of reflection from the Holy Father: It’s all good, but rather vague. It is clear that the abuse summit is merely the start of a long process to implement various changes, and also to … Continue reading

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Abuse Summit: my criticism of the criticism

1. Criticism: the summit only addresses minors being abused, not vulnerable adults and seminarians. Reply: Why should the Church be run by online commentators, or by whatever opinion is in vogue in discussions in the media? There is an attitude … Continue reading

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