Possible Scenario for the Church in 2021

If the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle are this year (referring to the prophecies at Garabandal and Medjugorje), this might be one possible unfolding of events:

After the Warning, the Pope suggests building three places of worship in Jerusalem, one each for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and having a yearly feast in each religion at the same time of year.

The Warning only illuminates the conscience, it does not correct a sincere but mistaken conscience. So some of the papal accusers will think, incorrectly, that the Warning is a confirmation of their errors (since they were not corrected for their false accusations against Pope Francis). So this will push the schism into high gear.

The other push toward full schism could come from those who see their sins in rebelling against Francis and yet they do not repent. They might act more severely toward the Pope after the Warning.

So I am hoping for the Miracle this year, as it would relieve suffering for many persons (including myself, please keep me in your prayers). I am not certain which year it will be. I have been wrong before when I was incorrectly certain.

The pandemic means that the timing could be right. The Miracle would put an end to the schism, which would be a very strong sign to the whole world from God, along the lines that God has healed you, but don’t keep sinning, or worse things will happen. And then people keep sinning and the tribulation occurs.


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  1. Mark Davis says:

    We are in deep trouble. It appears only God’s grace and healing is all that can help us. Let’s pray your timing is correct. I will keep you in my prayers Ron. God Bless!

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