The Prayer of Praise to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph,
virgin spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
loving father to the Christ-child,
head of the most holy Family,
patron of the universal Church:
you are among the closest imitators
of your divinely-conceived Son, Jesus. *

For like John the Baptist,
by a special grace from God,
you remained free from all personal sin,
throughout your entire life,
despite being conceived in original sin,
and of all those born in the fallen state,
none is greater than you or John.

For like the First Fruits [Rev 14:4-5],
who will welcome your Son at His Return,
you remained always a virgin,
undefiled in heart, mind, and body,
and you follow the Lamb wherever he will go,
and in your mouth, no lie was ever found,
and you are without flaw before the throne of God.

For soon after your conception,
you were sanctified by a baptism of blood,
from the merits of the Cross of your Son and Savior, *
Jesus Christ, Son of God, your Lord and ours,
so that, purified by the merciful redemption of God,
you were able, to the fullest extent,
to fulfill your unique role in the plan of God
for the holy Family and for holy Mother Church.

Like the Blessed Virgin Mary,
you have never offended God by any sin,
but like us fallen sinners here below,
you bore the wounds of concupiscence.
Consider then, our plight,
and pray with us,
as we suffer because of,
as we repent from,
our indefensible sins,
and as we sorrowfully seek once again
forgiveness from the infinite Mercy of God. *

Pray for us, Saint Joseph;
be merciful, loving, and forgiving to us;
and with the Blessed Virgin Mary,
intercede for us before your Son and Savior Jesus Christ,
for all our needs, our faithful desires, and our holy requests.


* Three times during the prayer, where the words are marked with an asterisk*, make the sign of the cross while praying.


This prayer was composed January 15-16, 2020 by RLCJ during a novena to St. Joseph. The prayer is 300 words, in honor of the three members of the most holy Family. (The count does not include the title or the Scripture reference, and considers hyphenated words to be one word.)

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