Join me in Praying the Rosa Mystica devotion – Dec. 1-12

Join me in praying the Rosa Mystica devotion on: Dec 1 – 12

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
* “it is my wish to be appealed to and venerated as Rosa Mystica.”

* “I wish the 13th of each month to be celebrated as the day of Mary.”

* “On the 12 preceding days, special prayers of preparation should be said.”

* “I wish people to celebrate each year on December 8th at noon the hour of grace for the whole world.”

* “With this exercise, one will receive numerous spiritual and bodily graces.”

How To Pray the Rosa Mystica devotion

I will be praying this devotion during the first 12 days of December (and I intend to continue the devotion in subsequent months as well). Please join me in this prayer. Choose a special intention! Don’t forget to pray at noon on December 8th, the Hour of Grace for the Whole World.

Blessed Virgin Mary,
Rosa Mystica,
Most Pure Rose of the Most Sacred Mysteries,
obtain the Mercy of God for us
through the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and grant us repentance, conversion, and healing
through your Motherly Immaculate Heart.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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6 Responses to Join me in Praying the Rosa Mystica devotion – Dec. 1-12

  1. Matt Z. says:

    I’m on board to do this with you and others. Thank you for doing this!

  2. franciscofigueroa1 says:

    I’m in. I also did it last month.

  3. David says:

    I will certainly be joining in, this is a beautiful and important devotion. In the Hour or Grace, please pray for the health of my mother, I will also be praying for you all.

  4. erm6 says:

    What does the term “Golden Arrow” refer to? This phrase is used in the title of one of the prayers.

    • Ron Conte says:

      It’s the name given to the prayer. “This golden arrow will wound my heart, and not in a bad way.” or words to that effect. I forget the exact quote.

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