Iran’s (apparent) Nuclear Plan

In my considered opinion, the following appears to be the nuclear plan which Iran is currently following:

Step One: Build a third uranium enrichment facility in secret, in addition to the two known facilities at Natanz and Fordow. This task was, in all probability, completed years ago. Iran would never have agreed to the limits on its nuclear program imposed by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), unless they had a clandestine facility able to continue work in secret.

@ThegoodISIS has repeatedly warned world leaders of the possibility of such a clandestine facility. This warning was repeated as recently as 3 September 2019 here.

Step Two: Pretend to comply with the JCPOA, while benefiting from the lifting of sanctions (under Obama). Done.

Step Three: Complete several nuclear bombs using WGU from the clandestine facility. This task has likely already been completed, as evidenced by Iran’s newly aggressive behavior here.

Step Four: Break free from sanctions gradually, so as to position the known facilities and their resources for a faster breakout. The advantage is that, once the breakout occurs, scaling up production of WGU will take much less time. Tasks include installing more centrifuges, testing advanced centrifuges, building stocks of LEU, and making more bombs into which the WGU will be placed. This task is already underway. Iran has publicly announced that they are violating certain sanctions.

Step Five: Announce to the world that Iran has several nuclear bombs, stored in multiple safe locations, and ready to be deployed against any nation that attacks or sanctions Iran. At the same time, break free from all limits and sanctions, and ramp up production of uranium at all facilities, clandestine and known. I think that Iran will make this announcement in November of 2019, which is six months after the deliberate public violation of sanctions was announced by Iran (7 May 2019).

Step Six: Make a pact with the bad ISIS (ISIL, Daesh) to help them conquer Iraq and Syria. Foment revolution and coups in other Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. Attempt to ally these nations under the leadership of Iran. They will wish to join Iran, regardless of whether they are Sunni or Shite, because Iran has nuclear weapons. Iran wishes to be at the head of a group of nations, so that they have more power, more soldiers at their command, and can then fight against the West.

Step Seven: Use the Nuclear weapons to start an apocalyptic war in accord with extremist Twelver eschatology. Twelver extremists believe this will lead to a worldwide Caliphate, an Islamic kingdom, such that everyone in the whole world will be Muslim.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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5 Responses to Iran’s (apparent) Nuclear Plan

  1. Rob says:

    Why would they need to conquer Iraq and Syria? Especially Syria. Assad is more or less their client state already. Hundreds of their men have died over the past few years to keep it that way.

    • Ron Conte says:

      They don’t control Assad and he isn’t a zealot like the leaders of Iran and ISIS. He’s an old-school dictator and they would just as soon wipe him from the face of the earth as cooperate with him.

  2. John Platts says:

    An attempt to establish a worldwide Caliphate through the use of nuclear weapons will be viewed as an atrocity in many parts of the world, including the Americas, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. There would also be many non-Muslims remaining in the world if an attempt to establish a worldwide Caliphate happens.

    The Catholic Church and the Papacy would both continue to exist if an attempt to establish a worldwide Caliphate happens as the Catholic Church is indefectible.

  3. King Robert the Bruce says:

    I just cant see Israel standing idly by during steps 5 6 and 7 and if they go to war then so will the U.S wont they?. I cant help thinking of the ancient Chinese proverb/curse may you live in interesting times I think we now are living in interesting times.

  4. Rob says:

    If that were the case why would they have spent so much time, money, and blood preventing Assad’s downfall? It would be more plausible if you thought someone like Hezbollah were going to take over, as at least they’re on good terms with Iran and winning the war.

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