On Christian Unification

In the near future, sometime in the 2020’s, the Protestant Churches, led by the Anglican Church, will repent, reform, and seek unification with the Catholic Church. The Orthodox Churches, on their on initiative, will also seek unification with the Catholic Church. The Pope of that time (not Pope Francis, not his successor) will approve of unification.

The Church will then be restructured to have seven parts: two fishes and fives loaves. The two fishes are the Latin Rite and the Eastern Rite (all the Eastern Churches, including the Orthodox). The five loaves are five different Rites, all derived from the Protestant Churches. The many Protestant denominations will consolidate, to form five groups.

The conservative Catholic subculture and many Orthodox Christians will object to unification and this restructuring. They will have the same attitude toward the Protestants that the elder son had toward the prodigal son. They will object bitterly (just as the conservatives bitterly object to Pope Francis).

Subsequently, a great Ecumenical Council will approve of Unification, and will correct many errors of doctrine and discipline, including those errors of conservatives.

Then, in the distant future, a subsequent restructuring of the Church will give the Church twelve branches, just as Israel has twelve tribes.

The restructuring of the Church to have seven parts in unity occurs during the first part of the tribulation. The subsequent restructuring into twelves parts occurs about a century before the second part of the tribulation, during the kingdom of the ten kings. There will be one Church for each of the ten kingdoms, plus the Latin Rite and the Eastern Rite.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    It will be a glorious time when the protestants repent and convert speaking as someone who lives in a protestant country catholics in Scotland have suffered bigotry and persecution for centuries since the reformation when the true faith was almost extinguished but the resilience of some of the highland clans and an influx of Irish immigrants has kept the faith alive. ps just out of curiosity what will the conservatives object to exactly Ron.

    • Ron Conte says:

      {15:25} But his elder son was in the field. And when he returned and drew near to the house, he heard music and dancing.
      {15:26} And he called one of the servants, and he questioned him as to what these things meant.
      {15:27} And he said to him: ‘Your brother has returned, and your father has killed the fatted calf, because he has received him safely.’
      {15:28} Then he became indignant, and he was unwilling to enter. Therefore, his father, going out, began to plead with him.
      {15:29} And in response, he said to his father: ‘Behold, I have been serving you for so many years. And I have never transgressed your commandment. And yet, you have never given me even a young goat, so that I might feast with my friends.
      {15:30} Yet after this son of yours returned, who has devoured his substance with loose women, you have killed the fatted calf for him.’
      {15:31} But he said to him: ‘Son, you are with me always, and all that I have is yours.
      {15:32} But it was necessary to feast and to rejoice. For this brother of yours was dead, and has revived; he was lost, and is found.’ ”

  2. erm6 says:

    ***2nd TIME TRY POSTING THIS (sorry if duplicated)***

    “Subsequently, a great Ecumenical Council will approve of Unification, and will correct many errors of doctrine and discipline, including those errors of conservatives.” I hope they have some of your books on hand, Ron.

    By your eschatological speculation, WW3 may be in progress, or even finished by then, right? This might include vast disruptions of electronic communications and data storage infrastructure. So the Internet might not exist anymore, at least not in its present form, and perhaps much electronic data will have been obliterated? (bank accounts, etc.). and cloud data storage from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft might not be recoverable.

    Such disruption in the availability of data in electronic form would reduce the chance that your books would be accessible during the council that you are speculating about. But your books may be useful to them as they formally “correct many errors of doctrine and discipline, including those errors of conservatives” so I hope there are some paper copies, or some surviving electronic access to your books.

    • Ron Conte says:

      There will still be an internet throughout WW3, the time after the War, the time of the Council. WW4, an all out nuclear war occurs after the Council. My books are mostly available in print (though they are not very popular right now).

  3. Matt says:

    Ron, how do you reconcile the following message with your post:

    Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, at Campo del Brito/SE, transmitted in 8/19/2018

    “……The day will come when you will look for the Precious Food and you will not find it. It will be a time of great persecution to the Church of My Jesus. Perverse men will act in ambush to destroy the Sacred and the pain will be great for the faithful. Many will deny the Presence of My Jesus in the Eucharist and, accepting false doctrines, will say that the Presence of Jesus is only symbolic. The confusion will spread and many will lose faith……”

    • Ron Conte says:

      This happens twice, once for each part of the tribulation. During the first part of the tribulation, this happens in the territory occupied by the Muslim extremists, the territory they conquer during WW3. Then, centuries later, the removal of the Eucharist from almost all churches and chapels occurs during the Antichrist’s reign in the second part of the tribulation (2430 to 2437).

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