An Example of Plagiarism by Michael Voris

In July of 2013, Michael Voris published a video about Muslims and Jews, saying (incorrectly, I must add) that they have no supernatural faith. A large portion of that video was plagiarized, stolen almost word for word from an interview that Michael Voris did with a Bishop. Which Bishop is not indicated in the PDF file at Compare the two quotes:

Quote from a Bishop interviewed by Michael Voris:
Bishop: “It has to be clarified, because there is, there are two substantial different levels, substantial different levels, because we as Catholics we can adore, we do adore God always as Trinity, God Father, God Son and the Holy Spirit. Our adoration is an adoration of Faith, supernatural Faith, and to worship God as creator only or as one God only, you have not to, there is no need of Faith, it is sufficient the use of your reason. This is a dogma of the first Vatican council, that every human person is able only by his reason, natural light of reason, natural, without the light of faith to recognize the existence of one God as creator and consequently to worship him according to his knowledge of natural reason, and these are the Muslims, they have no supernatural faith and therefore have no supernatural act of worship, and even the Jews, who rejected Jesus as God, as Trinity they rejected Him, have no faith and therefore their worship is also natural, not supernatural.”
Interview (PDF file) published July 12th, 2013:

Click to access shep-2013-07-12.pdf

And now read the quote from a Michael Voris video, with no attribution to the above Bishop. I’ve bolded the text that was plagiarized, which is most of the lengthy section below. The dash marks indicate a section of the quote from the Bishop not used by Voris —

Michael Voris: “there are two substantial different levels, substantial different levels because we as Catholicsdo adore God always as Trinity, — our adoration as Catholics is one of faith, supernatural faith, and to worship God as Creator only,as one God only, there is no need of supernatural faith in that kind of worship, or even that kind of understanding of God. It is sufficient to simply employ the use of your reason, to arrive at the conclusion that there is one God who is Creator. That belief, that faith, is not of the supernatural kind. It is of the mere natural kind. This is a dogma of the First Vatican Council, and yes, there was a Vatican Council before the Second Vatican Council, every human person is able only by his reason, through the light, the natural light of reason, natural reason, without the light of faith, supernatural faith, to recognize the existence of one God as Creator and consequently to worship him according to his knowledge of natural reason. This is the Muslims. They have no supernatural faith. And therefore they have no supernatural act of worship. And even the Jews, who rejected Jesus as God, as Trinity. They rejected God as Trinity. They have no faith. And therefore their worship also is natural, not supernatural.
Michael Voris video “Muslims and Jews” published July 10, 2013:

Voris gave no attribution to the Bishop he interviewed, whose work he plagiarized nearly word for word. Also, he waited until after his own publication of his plagiarized video to publish the interview from which he took large portions of the text read in the video.

And now let’s read what Michael Voris says about Fr. Rosica and his admitted inadvertent plagiarism. Here is the article on Rosica: Liar and Thief.

So Rosica is supposedly a liar and thief for having plagiarized. But Voris also plagiarized. Huh. What does that imply? Voris calls him “Rosica the plagiarizer,” and he says:

Voris: “Plagiarism is an enormous breach of ethics. It is, at the same time, both theft and lying, stealing another’s work and lying to the public, presenting it as your own.”

Yes, Mr. Voris, it is a breach of ethics, especially when one is plagiarizing the words of a Bishop, and claiming it as one’s own. So then, why did you do it? And how can you viciously attack Fr. Rosica for what you yourself have also done?

Voris: “This lying, thieving priest should be made to completely disappear from the scene with no exception.”

Should we then make an exception for Michael Voris? I am calling for Voris to resign from, just as he called for Pope Francis to resign, and for his own Archbishop to resign. Why don’t you resign, Mr. Voris?

Voris: “Father Rosica is a living, breathing, walking, talking example of everything that is wrong in the Church.”

Someone should buy Michael Voris a mirror.

Fr. Rosica “routinely interviewed heretics and dissidents, giving them a platform to spout their evil….” says Michael Voris, who recently interviewed Milo Yiannopoulos, giving him a platform to spout his evil.

Wikipedia on Milo: “In October 2017, leaked emails revealed that Yiannopoulos had repeatedly solicited neo-Nazi and white supremacist figures on the alt-right for feedback and story ideas in his work for the website Breitbart. The leaked emails also showed that his book, Dangerous, and many of his Breitbart articles were ghost-written by a Breitbart colleague.”

So Michael Voris, himself a plagiarist, gives a platform and his approval to a deliberate plagiarist (Milo), while utterly condemning Fr. Rosica for inadvertent plagiarism. Fr. Rosica is a believing and practicing Catholic priest. Milo is a practicing homosexual who “repeatedly solicited neo-Nazi and white supremacist figures” for “feedback and story ideas”. And which one does Voris utterly condemn and reject? The Catholic priest.

The word hypocrisy isn’t strong enough.

UPDATED to add:

Michael Voris complains that Fr. Rosica exaggerated his credentials, by saying that he had a degree from a University in Jerusalem, when in fact he studied there, but did not receive a degree.

In an interview with Frank Andrews, Mr. Voris exaggerates his own credentials claiming that his degree, a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.), is “essentially the equivalent of a double Masters”.
Michael Voris, “Vortex – Heresy Interview!”, an interview with Frank Andrews about heresy, December 11, 2017;

A Master’s of Divinity at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, where Voris did the course work for his S.T.B., is 123 credit hours. An S.T.B. at SHMS is 79 credit hours of course work (currently). An S.T.B. is not equivalent to a double masters of divinity, nor even a single masters of divinity.

A Master’s of Arts in Theology is 40 credit hours, including a thesis [per]. So Voris’ S.T.B. is almost the same credit hours as two Master of Arts degrees, except that two Masters would be two Master’s theses, and Voris did not do even one thesis.

So it’s not really fair for him to claim to have “the equivalent of a double Masters.” That’s not what he was awarded; that’s not the work that he completed. Also, who gets two Masters degrees in the same subject? It’s an absurd exaggerated comparison. Mr. Voris should stop exaggerating his credentials.

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