Christian, Jewish, and Muslim friendship during the Apocalypse

Unfortunately, some Catholics on the right of the religious-political spectrum have decided that Muslims and Jews are our philosophical opponents. They are particularly harsh in the way that they speak of Muslims. But I know from my study of eschatology that Christians, Jews, and Muslims will be in a state of great friendship and cooperation during the first, and especially the second, parts of the tribulation.

During the war and occupation, in which Muslim extremists conquer and occupy Europe, moderate peaceful Muslims will assist Christians and Jews in avoiding death and in avoiding some of the worst of the persecution. (This situation is similar to Christians helping Jews during World War 2.) Muslims will occupy Europe and will persecute Christians and Jews. But among the Muslims will be some persons who love God and neighbor, and who use their positions in that Muslim-controlled society to surreptitiously help the persecuted. Many lives will be saved in this way.

After the first part of the tribulation ends, there will be only three religions on earth: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. As the inter-tribulation period passes, Islam will become the dominant of the three religions, with Judaism a distant second, and Christianity a distant third.

During the second part of the tribulation, centuries later, the Antichrist will persecute all believers — Christians, Jews, and Muslims — and they will work together as allies to fight against his false religion. When Jesus returns, the Jews and Muslims will accept Jesus as the true Messiah, which is a true type of conversion. However, they will not convert in the sense of abandoning their faith-traditions. They will retain all that is good in their respective faiths, while also accepting Jesus and His teachings. So, in a sense, they remain Jews and they remain Muslims.

After the second part of the tribulation ends, there will be a long period of peace on earth, in which all human persons are believing and practicing Catholic Christians.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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