The Antichrist loses a battle

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After the Antichrist gains power over the four kingdoms with the most military forces, the other six kingdoms are forced to submit to his authority. The four kingdoms that he controls have extensive military resources, far greater than the remaining six kingdoms. (This occurs in the early 25th century, hundreds of years from now.)

The Antichrist proclaims himself to be the savior of the world, to be divine, as if he were the eternal God. His explanation of this varies as his reign unfolds. In the beginning of his reign, he simply demands that everyone acknowledge him as god and worship him. But he also closes all the houses of worship in the world. He outlaws all religion, except the worship of himself. And if any person refuses to worship or obey, they are subject to arrest and severe punishment. Then, if any region of the world refuses to submit, they are attacked by the extensive military forces of the Antichrist.

During the first part of the Antichrist’s reign, there is no formal religion for the Antichrist, and the false prophet has not yet risen to power.

Catholic Christian priests and religious are hunted and jailed. Mass and all worship ceremonies are forbidden. The Catholic Church will have bishops, priests, deacons, and religious, but no Roman Pontiff during the entire reign of the Antichrist. The last Pope before the Return of Jesus Christ is killed when the Antichrist wins the war against the South. The kingdom of the South was the last bastion of Christianity in the world, and its leader was a Catholic Christian. The leader is killed, and then the supporters of the Antichrist celebrate the victory in the war by rushing upon Vatican City (the new one built after World War 4) and killing the Pope. This Pope is called Antipas by the Book of Revelation (Rev 2:13).

The first half of the Antichrist’s reign last 1010 days (just under 3 years). Then something astounding happens. The kingdom of the South will be the most faithful region of the world, with the most faithful Christians, Jews, and Muslims (all of whom oppose the Antichrist). At just under the 3 year mark, they rebel against the reign of the Antichrist. They gather some military forces, and attempt to oppose the Antichrist in a battle.

The Antichrist learns of this plan by the help of traitors and fallen angels. He prepares a vast fleet to utterly destroy the military forces, with the plan of next turning this military might on the civilian population. He sets up the news media outlets of that future time, so that they can broadcast the battle live on whatever future media they have then. So the whole world is watching this battle in real time.

{11:29} At the appointed time, he will return, and he will approach the South, but the latter time will not be like the former.
{11:30} And the Greek warships and the Romans will come upon him, and he will be pierced, and will retreat, and will have scorn against the testament of the sanctuary, and he will act. And he will return and will consult their adversaries, who have forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary.

As the Antichrist is approaching the military forces of the South, a third party intervenes. Ships from a distant part of the world, manned by Roman Catholics, attack the Antichrist’s fleet unexpectedly. No one of their group will have betrayed them. The holy Angels will have hidden their plan and acts from the fallen angels. Suddenly, on live TV, as the Antichrist is boasting about how he will destroy the South for its rebellion, as he is boasting about being god, his fleet is attacked by a much smaller fleet, but unexpectedly.

The fleet has a new weapon with can penetrate the defenses of the Antichrist’s ships. All around him, his own ships are being destroyed on live worldwide TV. But the attacking fleet is much smaller, and though they have a new offensive weapon, their defenses are quite limited. So, if the Antichrist and his fleet were to turn and attack, they would win. But the Antichrist is afraid of dying. So, in full view of the whole world, he turns tail and runs. And the South is saved from destruction.

But now the Antichrist is in deep trouble.

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