The Antichrist’s Rise To Power

The Antichrist is at first a “little horn” (Dan 7.8) in the kingdom of the North (Europe). He then rises to power to become one of the ten kings.

During the kingdom of the ten kings, the North and the South engage in repeated military conflicts, thereby building up their militaries to be the two strongest in the world. These conflicts are described in Daniel chapter 11.

The Antichrist is not from the North, but rather the South. Nevertheless, he moves to the North and rises to power there. For the South is the only kingdom that tolerates Christianity, the only kingdom with a substantial number of Christians in government. So he chooses the North to seek power.

{11:21} And there will stand up in his place the despicable one, and he will not be assigned the honor of a king. And he will arrive in secret, and he will obtain the kingdom by deceitfulness.
{11:22} And the arms of the fighting will be assaulted before his face and will be shattered, and, in addition, the leader of the federation.
{11:23} And, after making friends, he will trick him, and he will go up and will overcome with a small people.
{11:24} And he will enter into rich and resourceful cities, and he will do what his fathers never did, nor his fathers’ fathers. He will scatter their spoils, and their prey, and their riches, and will form a plan against the most steadfast, and this until a time.

The despicable one is the Antichrist. He has a low position in the North. He arrives in secret, hiding his origins in the South (which is hated by the North). He obtains the highest government position in the North by deceitfulness and with the assistance of devils. The North at that time will be a federation, with many positions of leadership. So even though the Antichrist will have the highest position, it is not sufficient for his purposes. There are too many other leaders who can check his power. So he must fight a battle within the North, against “the leader of the federation”, that is, another high government position in the North. He again uses deceitfulness, making friends and then betraying the friendship.

He will “overcome with a small people”, which may refer to the Jewish people. The Jewish religion will be a distant second behind Islam, among the three religions in the world (Islam, Judaism, Catholicism). But a number of Jews will have influence in the North, and the Antichrist will trick them, so as to obtain full power over the North.

As he fights to obtain full power over the kingdom of the North, he scatters riches to gain the support of the populace. For at that time, society worldwide will have a severe disparity of goods, technology, and wealth. For the past few generations, this separation of rich and poor will have been an irreformable part of society. So when he scatters wealth, he is hailed as a political savior (not yet a spiritual savior).

His plan against the most steadfast is a long term plan to destroy the Catholic Christians, as well as the faithful Muslims and Jews, so that he can be worshipped as if he were god alone.

{7:8} I considered the horns, and behold, another little horn rose out of the midst of them. And three of the first horns were rooted out by its presence….

Once the Antichrist has full power over the North, he sets about a plan to defeat the three next most powerful nations: the South, the Meridian (Africa except for the northern part), and the East (China). The South is more powerful than the North, and they should win in a war.

{11:25} And his strength and his heart will be enraged against the king of the South with a great army. And the king of the South will be provoked into going to war by having many allies and exceedingly good circumstances, and yet these will not stand, for they will form plans against him.
{11:26} And those who eat bread with him will crush him, and his army will be suppressed, and very many will die, having been executed.

But the South loses, very quickly, due to betrayal and deceitfulness and the help of fallen angels. Those who “eat bread with” the king of the South — a Catholic Christian leader — are fellow Catholics who receive the Eucharist with the king. They betray him, resulting in a sudden loss of the war, with the militaries of each side largely intact.

{11:27} And the heart of two kings will be similar, to do harm, and they will speak lies at one table, but they will not succeed, because as yet the end is for another time.
{11:28} And he will return to his land with many resources. And his heart will be against the holy testament, and he will act, and he will return to his own land.

Now that the Antichrist controls two kingdoms, the North and the South, he next begins negotiations with the Meridian and the East. They ally together out of fear of the Antichrist. For a long time, there was a balance of power among the kingdom of the ten kings. With the Antichrist now in control of the two most powerful militaries, the other kingdoms are in fear. But the Antichrist again defeats these two kingdoms by betrayals. He removes the two kings of the Meridian and East from power.

Now he controls the four most powerful kingdoms, and the other six know that they cannot stand against him. So he forces them to submit to his authority. In this way, he becomes the ruler of the whole world (though there are always small areas that rebel against him, again and again.)

And having obtained power over all ten kingdoms, he orders all places of worship closed. He outlaws all religion — Islam, Judaism, Catholicism. But his heart is primarily against “the holy testament” of Christianity. For the father of the Antichrist was a wicked bishop and his mother was an impure nun (as stated at La Salette).

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