Fr. Zlatko Sudac: his role in the tribulation

In my eschatology, there is a future event, before or after World War 4, in which some of the faithful are given the Seal of the Living God. This exterior sign, usually on the forehead, will be accompanied by interior gifts. That event occurs perhaps in the 2030s. These persons are sealed so as to help the Church and the world during one of the darkest times in the course of human and Church events. By the prevenient grace of God, they will be unable to commit any personal sins after being Sealed.

The Angelic Shepherd is a future holy Pope, who will take the name Pope Raphael. He will guide the Church from about 2029 through the entire remainder of the first part of the tribulation, and during the initial days of rebuilding and holiness afterward. He will be a miracle worker of great holiness. He will have the Seal of the Living God (Rev 7).

I am certain that Fr. Zlatko Sudac is that future Pope Raphael and the Angelic Shepherd. He already has the Seal of the Living God. He is unable to commit any personal sins, mortal or venial. He can work many miracles. He currently resides on Krk island in Croatia.

You can view videos of him on YouTube.

Events of the first part of the tribulation include World War 3, civil unrest, famine, death from many causes including disease epidemics. The Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, led by extremists will capture and occupy Europe. Christians will be persecuted and oppressed during the occupation. Eventually, the persecution will turn into a great Martyrdom of Christians.

During these terrible events, the Protestant and Orthodox Churches will repent and convert, and unite with the Catholic Church as one holy Church with seven parts.

Subsequently, the Church will experience many problems due to unification. A great Ecumenical Council will be called, so as to consider these problems. The Council will confirm that unification is the will of God. But soon after the Council gathers, the Roman Pontiff who called the Council will die. The Cardinals and Bishops being already gathered (Canon Law at that time will permit certain Bishops to elect the Pope), they will immediately plan a conclave. But a prodigy from God, at their gathering, will indicate that Fr. Zlatko Sudac should be Pope, and he will be elected. He will take the name Pope Raphael.

I don’t know if he will be Bishop by that point in time. I think he will have been made Bishop, and the head of his diocese, prior to that time, in order to be present at the Council. (But he could be there as an advisor and priest only.)

His reign as Roman Pontiff will be long, but it will not exceed the length of Peter the Apostle’s reign (33 years and six weeks). He will work with the great Catholic monarch, Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir to defeat the extremists during World War 4. He will confirm that a first nuclear strike is moral to use against the extremists. He will advise and bless the great Catholic monarch.

After the first part of the tribulation — the last event of which is the Three Days of Darkness — the Angelic Shepherd and the great Catholic monarch will rebuild the Church and society. The Church will have great success in preaching the Gospel. Catholicism will be the only version of Christianity, and the most popular religion in the world. The only other religions will be Judaism, as a distant second, and peaceful moderate Islam as a distant third.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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  1. Matt Z. says:

    In my opinion, a Jewish leader will persecute the Church.

  2. Matt Z. says:

    You dont have to post this, I know it is long, but does this give you some concern?

    Question from Lorraine Smith on 11/27/2001:
    Dear Father Levis: Grace and Peace to one of Our Lady’s and Our Lord’s faithful servants! Have you heard about Fr. Sudac, the young Croatian priest who is in the US now? He alledgedly receives the stigmata and has healing power and the ability to read souls. My sister & I went to a Mass he celebrated last Thursday night & I have a lot of questions… His love and faith are obvious BUT he talked through most of the Mass, explaining what was happening… He also brought Jesus out in the monstrance for the prayers of petition and then put Him back in the tabernacle afterwards… He and everyone on the altar(and in the Church) held hands and swayed back & forth during the Our Father (& he also offered the Our Father for the person in the Church who was the next to die…) Everyone CLAPPED wildly after a very loud and boisterous Holy, Holy, Holy sung by the Spanish choir! Then after Mass he processed the Monstrance around the Church praying for healing. He did not have his hands covered & he also held the Monstrance with one hand & held up his own hand in blessing over the people… I realize that it was a “charismatic” event. But, weren’t those abuses to the Holy Mass & can he be authentic if he encourages/allows such abuses? Oh, how I long for Jesus to clear up all the confusion these days! Maranantha! What are your wise thoughts about all this? Long live John Paul II! Lorraine Smith

    Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 11/27/2001:
    Dear Lorraine, Sorry, I never heard of this priest. He obviously violates many liturgical rules and laws. Perhaps another is more familiar with him and his own “style” of liturgical performance. God bless. Fr. Bob Levis

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with the actions described. It is Pharisaical to demand that all priests adhere to one’s own understanding of liturgy, and to call anything contrary to one’s own mind an abuse. Priests should be permitted to act according to grace and conscience and alter minor points of liturgical form, if they see fit to do so.

  3. jbbt9 says:

    This may be same info you already have. I linked to their site in a post at start of May. I have not tried the phone number. I live in Ireland. Maybe you could let us know if the number is current.

  4. Matt Z. says:

    This is a good one:

  5. and unite with the Catholic Church as one holy Church with seven parts.

    Could you list the seven parts?

    • Ron Conte says:

      1: Eastern Rite, includes current Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics
      2: Latin Rite Catholics, just as today.
      3 – 7: for the formerly Protestant Christians.

  6. John Platts says:

    What will happen to Hinduism and Buddhism after the Three Days of Darkness?

  7. MG says:

    I’m Croatian. Sudac in Croatian means Judge!

  8. Alex says:

    Ron, with all my respect to your work…how could you be sure fr Zlatko Sudac doesn’t have any venial sin and has the seal of God spoken of in Revelation? Perhaps even he himself would deny that…

    There are many holy priests and deacons, and laity, whom God talks to. Maybe one of them is the future pope…just maybe.

    I think more and more that there isn’t any significant and undeniable Scriptural backing of the Great warning… God may or may not grant it to the humanity. God is free to decide it. We might be surprised by the Chastisement , let say a big enough celestial body, with one, maximum two weeks forewarning and na narrow way of rescue… my two cents only.

    • Ron Conte says:

      The first part of the tribulation is like the second, though less intense. The second part has holy souls who are conceived with original sin, but have no personal sins their entire lives: {14:5} And in their mouth, no lie was found, for they are without flaw before the throne of God. — The first part has those with the Seal, who only are without sin after they are Sealed. As for the Warning, God does not wait and see, and then decide. He knows all things in one act. I see indications of the Warning in Scripture, but that could just be my interpretation.

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