Is the Warning of Garabandal This Year (2018)?

I don’t know. There are some reasons to think it might occur. And I hope it will happen very soon. But we will have to wait and see. If it is this year, then the only possible day is Good Friday, March 30th.

The apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima began in 1917, so I would have thought that 2017, the 100th anniversary would be an appropriate timing. But if we don’t count the partial year of 1917, then 2018 gives us 100 full years, plus the partial years of 1917 and 2018. Or maybe it is the case that 101 years is a fitting timing, in the view of Heaven.

The other consideration is the impending schism and the reign of Pope Francis. It is clear to me that the tribulation must begin during his reign. And we know from Sacred Scripture that the great apostasy unfolds during the tribulation. The current situation is that most Catholic teachers and leaders are teaching grave error. Many on the left laugh at the idea that they would be required to believe what persons in authority in the Church teach. Then, on the right, they consider themselves to be above the Pope and the Magisterium, and they have radically reinterpreted Church teaching. This great falling away from the Faith is certainly an indication that the tribulation is near, even if it is not this year.

What troubles me most about the schism and widespread heresies is that most Catholics do not notice or care. Even prominent Catholic authors do not seem to notice that the Church is in a dire state, and that most teachers are unfaithful to Her. The Church is indefectible only by the grace and providence of God. But if there were never a Warning, I think the Church would be in a much worse state, and many more souls would be lost.

I notice that the Lenten message of Pope Francis is about the tribulation. He comments on the end times, and on false prophets and the harm they do, extensively. That is a very unusual message from any Pope. It may be an indication from grace and providence that the first part of the tribulation begins this year.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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8 Responses to Is the Warning of Garabandal This Year (2018)?

  1. Mark P. says:

    Just as the Holy Father has never answered the dubia about AL, he also does not respond to suggestions about blessings for same-sex couples, theologians’ errant views on HV and contraception, etc. His pontificate is concerned with extending and preaching mercy prior to the tribulation, and loosening discipline as much as possible to allow the largest number of souls to be saved. But like Ron says, the next conservative Pope will be aware of all of these errors and novelties in their fullness and will be able to correct them. And Pope Francis does have an inclination towards the reality of the tribulation and end times, perhaps evidenced by his interest in the book “Lord of the World” and his frequent references to the devil and how we are already living in a type of World War 3.

  2. Vyto says:

    On October 24, 2017 in Vienna the Medjugorje seer Marija(I think she gives messages from Our Lady every 25th of the month.) said, “I believe that with this year(2017), as she said, begins the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.” That’s Marija’s personal opinion. We know that March 18th of some year as well as the 2nd of an unknown month and year something significant is supposed to happen according to Medjugorje seer Mirjana. Mirjana has said her first secret is an upheaval in some region of the world. We do not know whether it is political, a force of nature or economic. March 18 is 3-18 or 3-6+6+6. a good date on which to end the “time of grace” and start the time when good(“3”- the Holy Trinity) cleanses the world of evil(666). April 2, 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the first apparition at Zeitoun, Egypt where Our Lady appeared visible on the roof of a Coptic church to hundreds of thousands of ordinary people during a two year period. The apparitions were accompanied by miraculous healings. An Egyptian government investigative commission of scientists, specialists and scholars concluded that indeed Mary, the mother of Jesus, did appear at Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo. If April 2, 2018, the day after Easter, is to be the fulfillment of one of the 10 secrets, we should find out about it 3 days before or March 30th-Good Friday. 1968 was the year a nominally Christian country, Britain, legalized abortion. o

  3. Matt says:

    I was watching on TV the grand opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. One of the commentators stated that the Koreans have a severe problem with internet addiction. In fact, a law was passed that prohibits children under 16 from being on the internet between 12 AM to 6 AM. Also there are therapy centers for internet addiction.

    I thought to myself that this addiction is not just in Korea, but throughout the World! I see people constantly texting, checking social media websites, and shopping online. I thought that with so many constantly being on the phone or computer that they are neglecting to pray.. So on top of widespread unrepentant gravely immoral sins throughout society, we have people glued to their phones 24/7, not praying, visiting or helping their neighbor, and then are become lonely and depressed due to addiction. I read that Facebook addiction is the cause of many men filing for divorce from their wives. I also understand that online addiction works on the same receptors as someone being on cocaine.

    We desperately need God’s supernatural worldwide intervention on humanity very soon. The Virgin Mary stated in Medjugorje that once the secrets begin that men will tear their hair out and curse their past lives when they realize that they lived it without God.

  4. stefano says:

    Frankly, Ron, I can hardly see the imminent tribulation in the teaching of Pope Francis. If we find ourself waiting for this times and if we see signs of these times in the unfolding apostasy and heresy, I think this is thanks to the prophecies of some recent apparitions, particularly of Medjugorie. And just about this, don’t you think Pope Francis is rather blacking out the warning on tribulation when he openly contradictics the apparitions of Medjugorie, even making ironic comments on it?

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t know what you mean. Pope Francis has a devotion to Blessed Imelda, whom I have identified as the young martyr of the Eucharist. He talks about the end times. His disbelief in Medjugorje will change to belief, once these events unfold.

  5. Cynthia Raenette Gee says:

    Isn’t Garabandal condemned by the Church as a fraud? It seems that every place that promotes that prophecy is a mess of confusion.

    • Ron Conte says:

      No, it is not condemned. The local Bishop did, at some point, issue a statement that there was no evidence that it was supernatural. But that is not a condemnation, nor the final word.

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