A Priest and an Invitation

This humorous story is true and unembellished. It was recounted to me and to a few other students at Boston College by the priest in question, who was a Jesuit at the time.

Father was a visiting priest at Boston College. He taught some theology classes for a semester or two. I didn’t take any of his classes, but I knew some students who did. Father led a prayer group, and he also held a very popular Mass for the students.

Now he was staying at the Jesuit residence on campus. And the residence had a receptionist, a kind older Irish woman, who was devoted to her task of assisting the priests there, in any way she could.

One day, while father was out, a woman friend of his stopped by the residence and left a message for him with the receptionist. She said, “Ask father if he would like to go see ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ with me.” As the reader may know, that is the title of a popular musical, which was playing in Boston at the time.

When father returned, the receptionist dutifully read the message to him. Then she looked up, and with perfect innocence and a charming Irish accent, she asked, “Father, why do you have to go all the way to Texas?”

True story.

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