Free book on Marital Sexual Ethics

My book, Roman Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics, will be free from Wednesday, June 7 to Friday, June 9 (Pacific time), in Kindle format only. Please take advantage of this offer.

This book presents the teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith on sexual ethics for married couples. It addresses a fairly narrow topic: not marriage in general, and not ethics in general, but marital sexual ethics.

The good news about sex and marriage offered by this book is that the teachings of the Magisterium on marital sexual ethics are clear and definitive. But in order to follow those teachings, sexuality must be given its proper and limited place in the scale of spiritual and temporal values. Other works on this topic offer enthusiastic praise for sex within marriage, while ignoring the basic principles of ethics; they over-emphasize sex and under-emphasize ethics. They distort the theology of the body taught by Pope John Paul II, and ignore his magisterial teachings on the three fonts of morality. But if you are faithful to Christ, then you know in your heart of hearts that the marital bedroom is not exempt from the moral law. The marital bed is not a morality-free zone.

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— Ron Conte

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  1. Francisco says:

    Thank you, not only for is work but for all the service you do in general. I’ve been learning a great deal about my Faith through you. May God reward you immensely.

    Peace and grace.

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