The First Three Secrets of Medjugorje

Mirjana, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje, said: “Ten days before the first secret and the second secret, I will notify Father Petar Ljubicic. He will pray and fast for seven days, and then he will announce these to the world.”

If I am correct in saying that the Warning of Garabandal is also the first secret of Medjugorje, and that the Consolation is the second secret, and that the Warning/first secret occurs this Good Friday (April 14 of 2017), then Mirjana must have already notified Father Petar, and they will reveal the first and second secrets — both of them revealed at once — on or about Tuesday, April 11, a few days from today.

The first and second secrets are announced at the same time. The world will not listen to Father Petar, only holy souls will take heed. The world will ridicule this notice of the impending event of the Warning.

First secret of Medjugorje: same as the Warning of Garabandal
Second secret of Medjugorje: the Consolation (not mentioned at Garabandal)
Third secret of Medjugorje: same as the Miracle of Garabandal

If the first and second secrets occur this Good Friday and Easter Sunday, then the Miracle of Healings will occur on May 11th (in the evening, Garabandal time).

I have been wrong about the dates of these events several times before. As always, my writings on eschatology are fallible and speculative. I have never received any private revelation myself. My writings about the future are based on study and interpretation only.

My book on the secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal has not been updated with the latest predicted dates (2017). The only book of eschatology recently updated is The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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5 Responses to The First Three Secrets of Medjugorje

  1. Patricia says:

    Ron, I know that the 3 gifts that might happen this Friday NEED to take place because of what is going on in our world today. I call them gifts because I truly believe that folks in America and around the world need to wake up. I’m going to adoration and confession this morning. I have not done so well with my lent journey this year…but I’m going to try my best to continue until Easter. I’m going to try and say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy starting today. I know it is a powerful prayer. I’m looking forward to the warning in a way I’m probably 50% yeah and 50% no so looking forward to it…because I need a jump started as a Christian…I used to be so on fire but something happened and I feel as though it is just difficult with praying. I try my best to do the right thing but sometimes it is just plain hard….thank you again…Patti

  2. Bob says:

    Why do you feel “The world will ridicule this notice …… Millions have gone to Medjugorje – they will believe. I attend daily Mass with 50 to 100 people. I know of only two who have been to Medjugorje yet the other 98 of us will also believe. I think most Catholics will believe and many Christians will believe. So I guess I don’t understand why you feel the WORLD will ridicule this notice. ?????
    Thank you, Bob

  3. Justino says:

    I know God’s time is difficult to comprehend. However current events in the Middle East (Syria) could escalate rather fast. I will be praying but could not help anticipating what happens in the coming days/ months. But I’m 100% convinced these events will definitely happen very soon. May God have mercy on all of mankind…Amen!

  4. John Smallwheel says:

    We must all try to be good people and always repent from our sins and be forever grateful that Jesus died for our sins. When you think of all the sins in the world since the beginning of time, and know that Jesus suffered for each and every one of them, it is unfathomable love.
    God will take care of all other things. We should not worry about dates.

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