The End of the World? Not So Soon

Based on my study of Catholic eschatology, the apocalypse — also known as the end time, the end of days, and the tribulation — unfolds in two parts. The first part of the tribulation is for our generation (part of the 21st century). But the second part of the tribulation does not occur until the early 25th century. So the very end of the end times, and the worst of all the sufferings, does NOT occur for this generation.

Here is my understanding of the timeline, based on my eschatology (which is fallible and speculative) —

The Warning of Garabandal on Good Friday (in some year, perhaps this year)
The Consolation on Easter Sunday
The Miracle of Healings on the feast (or vigil of the feast) of Blessed Imelda in May

The first Seal of the Seven Seals, which is the first horseman: World War 3 – the war of the Islamic extremists against the West.

The second Seal and second horseman: widespread civil unrest caused by fear and by the war.

The third Seal and third horseman: famine, especially in wealthy nations, caused by the war and the unrest.

The fourth Seal and the fourth horseman: death from a variety of causes (war, unrest, famine, disease) and the fear of death.

The first four Seals end about the year 2023 or so.

The fifth Seal: the great martyrdom of Christians (2029 to 2033 or so), between World War 3 and World War 4.

The sixth Seal: World War 4, an all-out nuclear war, occurring in the mid to late 2030’s.

The seventh Seal is divided into seven Trumpets. The first six Trumpets are a set of very terrible sufferings that fall upon the world after World War 4. The last of these events is the Three Days of Darkness, on March 29, 30, and 31 in the year 2040.

Then there will be a brief respite from the sufferings, starting in April of 2040, lasting about 25 years.

Next, there is a long slow return of the world to sin, along with a gradual increase in sufferings, lasting a few hundred years.

Finally, the second part of the tribulation begins in the early 25th century, and ends with the Return of Jesus Christ in the year 2437 AD.

See my books of eschatology for more details on my predictions.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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2 Responses to The End of the World? Not So Soon

  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Is there any bible references to your above timeline connected to following:
    1. ‘Horrible thing’ Prophet Daniel said and Jesus told us to refer?(Matthew- 24:15)
    2. His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation.Daniel (11:31),
    3. from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Daniel (12:11)

    Then, Bible references to separate the Tribulation into parts.

    • Ron Conte says:

      The above Bible verses from Matthew and Daniel all refer to the second part of the tribulation. There are indications in Matthew 24 and Revelation that the tribulation is divided into two parts. It would take too long to explain here.

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