Checklist for the Start of the End Times

Are the End Times (also called the tribulation or the apocalypse) about to begin? My readers already know my answer: the tribulation begins in 2016. Here is my checklist of events I expect to occur soon, as part of the preparation for, and initial unfolding of, the first part of the tribulation (not necessarily in this order).

* Pope Francis issues controversial decisions on doctrine and discipline
* conservatives react strongly against the Pope, and they soon accuse him of heresy
* a conservative schism results

* Iranian elections (Feb 2016) result in a power struggle
* Hassan Rouhani emerges with greater power than before
* he will be both President and Supreme Leader at the same time

* Iran announces they have nuclear bombs
* they break the nuclear agreements and openly produce weapon-grade uranium
* they threaten nuclear retaliation if the West intervenes

* Good Friday, 2016, the Warning
* Easter Sunday, 2016, the Consolation
* May 12th, 2016, the Miracle of Healing
* Permanent miraculous signs placed at locations of Marian apparitions

* ISIS gains full control of Iraq and Syria
* ISIS and Iran make a pact to join together against the West
* extremists and moderates battle for power in the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa
* the extremists win, and that group of nations becomes led by Iran and ISIS (based in Iraq)

* Iran explodes a nuclear bomb in New York City
* World War 3 begins as a result
* radicalized Muslims undertake all kinds of violence in many cities of Europe

[Note added 6/26/18: dates above were wrong, but I still think the sequence of events is correct.]

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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4 Responses to Checklist for the Start of the End Times

  1. 1bertie1 says:

    Can you please comment on:
    1. The response of Islam’s moderate and extremist elements to the Warning?
    2. I thought a chastisement of fire from heaven (ie a direct act of God, not just a war) was also to occur if the world didn’t take heed after the Warning? If there is to be WW3, then I expect the Warning must necessarily be ignored.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Many prayerful devout Muslims will respond well to the Warning. But the extremists will respond with great fear and desperation. Thus extremist Muslims will fight against devout Muslims, and the extremists will win. That is what completes the rise to power of the extremists in that region of the world.

      The Warning will be accepted by many and rejected by many. There will be a chastisement; see my writings about the future for the explanation (too long for here).

  2. 1bertie1 says:

    In previous posts you have predicted that the US and Europe would lose WW3. On what basis do you say that? Surely a nuclear attack on New York would awaken the whole West to act at last to wipe out ISIS and other rogue states. I can’t see the US and its allies losing such a conflict, though it would have to occupy many countries for many years. And, if the objective of these Islamic states is to annihilate the infidels, they would not stop at just one nuke. If additional nuke strikes did occur, the greater would be the resolve of the US to once and for all eliminate the Islamic threat.

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