Iran Nuclear Deal — World War 3 approaches

I don’t blame President Obama. Despite all the rhetoric from the Republicans, I think any President of either party would have made the same foolish decision. This is the way that politics works. They hold meetings and weigh the advice of other politicians and various experts. They don’t pray when making a decision. They rely on the things of this world, and so every politician tends to move in the same direction with his policies and decisions. Liberals and conservatives are not so very different.

The Iran nuclear deal means that billions of dollars of assets will soon become available to Iran for use in any way they wish. They can build up their military. They can funnel more money into their nuclear program. They can save some money and use it once war breaks out. It was very foolish to make this agreement with them.

This deal supposedly keeps Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, by setting restrictions on their two known uranium enrichment plants: Natanz and Fordow. If we could be certain that those were the only uranium enrichment plants in Iran, that would be good. But experts such as David Albright at the Institute for Science and International Security have repeatedly warned that Iran might have a secret facility for enriching uranium. And now that Iran has a new generation of carbon-fiber centrifuges, they can process more uranium with fewer centrifuges and less floor space — making a facility easier to hide.

I’m convinced that the only reason Iran agreed to these severe restrictions is that they have a working covert uranium enrichment plant somewhere in Iran, which is already churning out weapon-grade uranium. And according to IAEA reports, Iran has already researched, developed, and tested everything needed to make a working nuclear bomb. They lack only enough weapon-grade uranium. And they may soon have enough, if they do not have it already, from a covert facility.

So the Iran nuclear deal does nothing but buy some more time for Iran to complete its nuclear weapons program. Once they have a few nukes, they can reveal this fact to the world, break sanctions, ramp up production of weapon-grade uranium at their two known facilities, and threaten the West with nuclear retaliation if we intervene militarily. They will make as many nuclear bombs as they like. And within a couple more years they will be able to put those nukes on missiles. Game over.

Iran and ISIS (based in Iraq) will make a pact, to join together against the West. Soon, all the Arab/Muslim nations in the Middle East and northern Africa will be led by extremists, with Iran and Iraq as the de facto leaders of that group of nations.

I expect World War 3 to begin sometime in the latter half of 2016, with a nuclear bomb attack on New York City. Iran and ISIS will lead the other nations of that region in this war. They will invade and conquer Europe. They will kill many millions of persons. These extremists will win the war, and occupy Europe for many years.

It is very unfortunate that the extremists Muslims win World War 3. But what can we expect, when so many persons in the West commit one grave sin after another without repentance. We have made many grave sins entirely legal, and our culture promotes these grave sins as if they were a celebration. Most Christians have fallen away from the Christian Faith. Most Catholics are unrepentant from many grave sins, and they do not accept teaching or correction from the Pope and the Church.

What kind of idiot expects to win a world war without God on our side? What kind of fool expects God to help us win the war, while we continue to commit innumerable grave sins without repentance? We are not so great in the eyes of God. You may say, rightly so, that the extremists are worse. But for now they are a rod of correction in the hands of God.

{5:20} Woe to you who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light, and light for darkness; who exchange bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
{5:21} Woe to you who are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own sight!
{5:22} Woe to you who are powerful at drinking wine, who are strong men in contriving inebriation!
{5:23} For you justify an impious man in exchange for bribes, and you carry away the justice of a just man from him.
{5:24} Because of this, as the tongue of fire devours stubble, and as the heat of a flame burns it completely, so will their root become like glowing embers, and so will their offshoot ascend like dust. For they have cast aside the law of the Lord of hosts, and they have blasphemed the eloquence of the Holy One of Israel.
{5:25} For this reason, the fury of the Lord has been enraged against his people, and he has extended his hand over them, and he has struck them. And the mountains were disturbed. And their carcasses became like dung in the midst of the streets. After all this, his fury was not turned away; instead, his hand was still extended.
{5:26} And he will lift up a sign to nations far away, and he will whistle to them from the ends of the earth. And behold, they will rush forward speedily.
{5:27} There is no one weak or struggling among them. They will not become drowsy, and they will not sleep. Neither will the belt around their waist be loosened, nor the laces of their boots be broken.
{5:28} Their arrows are sharp, and all their bows are taut. The hoofs of their horses are like flint, and their wheels are like the force of a tempest.
{5:29} Their roaring is like the lion; they will roar like young lions. They will both roar and seize their prey. And they will wrap themselves around it, and there will be no one who can rescue it.
{5:30} And in that day, they will make a noise over it, like the sound of the sea. We will gaze out toward the land, and behold, the darkness of the tribulation, and even the light has been darkened by its gloom.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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