New Book: In Defense of Pope Francis

My latest book of Roman Catholic theology is available at Amazon in Kindle format: In Defense of Pope Francis.

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Pope_FrancisThis book defends Pope Francis against accusation that he is not a valid Pope, or that he has, or soon might, teach heresy. I propose that the indefectibility of the Church implies that the Pope, as an individual, and the Bishops as a body (not as individuals), are protected by the prevenient grace of God from the sins of apostasy, heresy, and schism, and from teaching heresy. For the First Vatican Council taught that each Pope has the “gift of truth and never-failing faith” which was “divinely conferred on Peter and his successors.”

The book also contains some discussion of my speculative eschatology concerning the approaching Schism, how it will unfold and how it will eventually be healed.

Chapter List:
1: The Church is Indefectible
2: The Pope can Never fall into Heresy
3: Is the Body of Bishops indefectible?
4: Prevenient Grace
5: Excommunication
6: Which Popes Are Valid?
7: Discipline is not Doctrine
8: Who Should Receive Communion?
9: Will the Pope Ordain Women Deacons?
10: The Possibility of Papal Error
11: Liberal versus Conservative
12: The Schism and the Pope
13: The Errors of Religious Fundamentalism
14: Pedro Regis: messages about the Pope

A printed edition of this book should be available sometime next week.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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