Secular Fundamentalism

Please take a look at my previous post: The Many Errors of Religious Fundamentalism These errors are based on three main errors:
1. oversimplification
2. dogmatization
3. villainization

The religious fundamentalist oversimplifies everything, leading him to be absolutely certain that all his ideas are correct. It is all so simple and clear, that no errors are deemed possible (dogmatization). So then why do many persons disagree? The fundamentalist concludes that those who disagree must be bad persons. So fundamentalism leads to the villainization of all who disagree.

All this applies to religious fundamentalism. But in culture and society today, a type of secular fundamentalism has arisen, which behaves much the same as religious fundamentalism. Society oversimplifies controversial issues, then declares that this simplistic point of view cannot be wrong. The culture has declared certain ideas as if they were dogmas: infallible truths.

And it is all so simple and clear, that anyone who disagrees must be bad. So we see today the villainization of all persons and groups that disagree with the latest cultural dogma, whether it is gay marriage, or climate change, or abortion, or contraception, or whatever pseudo-dogma society will next declare.

The culture ridicules and condemns religious fundamentalism, while behaving just the same way. And this problem is not going away anytime soon.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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