Read the whole Bible in preparation for the Warning

I propose that we read the whole Bible in preparation for the Warning on Good Friday of 2016 (March 25th). Here is the math:

* 5 days a week (Mon. through Fri.) for 52 weeks is 260 days.
* 1 chapter per day from the New Testament (260 chapters)
* 4 chapters/day from the Old Testament, except 5 chapters/day for Psalms and Wisdom (1074 chapters).

We should then finish the reading about a week or two before Good Friday in 2016. Why read only on weekdays? So that, if you fall behind in the readings, you can catch-up on the week-end.

I’ll be reading my own translation for the program, the CPDV found here:
But you can read whichever version you prefer.
Some versions have slightly different numbering of chapters and verses.

I’ll be starting this reading program on Monday, March 16th, 2015. I won’t be making daily comments on the reading program. So you’ll have to be well motivated to persevere for a year in this program. I’m posting this note in my discussion group ( and on my blog (

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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