You Don’t Understand How Dangerous The Islamic Extremists Are

Iran and the Shias

I believe that Iran made a deal with the West, to stop enriching uranium at its two known facilities, only because they have one or more secret facilities, outfitted with next-gen carbon-fiber centrifuges, currently making weapon-grade uranium. ISIS — the Washington D.C. think tank — has warned of this possibility repeatedly. But the politicians are not listening. They don’t want to start a war in order to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

As a result of the lack of resolve of the West, Iran will obtain nuclear weapons. They will announce this to the world. Then they will enrich uranium openly at all their facilities without fear of a military strike. They will threaten to nuke any nation that attacks their nuclear program.

The leadership of Iran, including the current Supreme Leader and the current President, and many other leaders, are Twelvers. They believe in a radical version of Shia End Times theology. In this belief, Iran plays a major role in starting a world war with the “infidel” nations. This war supposedly initiates the Extremist Shia version of the apocalypse in which the twelfth Imam, a cleric who lived hundreds of years ago, makes his reappearance (along with Jesus).

The result is a war which the extremist Twelvers believe will establish an Islamic Caliphate, a worldwide kingdom where everyone has the same extremist Muslim beliefs. What happens to all the Christians, Jews, other believers, and non-believers? Well, it’s a case of “convert or die”. These extremists openly talk about killing billions of persons, in the quest for a world with only one religion: extremist Islam.

That’s what the Twelvers believe. And they are close to obtaining nuclear weapons. Once they are able, they will deliberately initiate an apocalyptic war with the goal of killing all non-Muslims.

I should also mention that they intend to kill or convert both “infidels” and “apostates”. In their delusional grandeur, they think that devout Christian and Jewish believers are “infidels” (unbelievers) because they don’t adhere to Islam. And what about the many moderate peaceful Muslims of the world? The extremists consider them to be apostates (a person who has abandoned a religion entirely) because they don’t believe in the extremist version of Islam. So they would be killed also.

Islamic State and the Sunnis

Islamic State (aka IS or ISIS or ISIL) is that militant Sunni group that has captured a large swath of Syria and Iraq. They will eventually take over the whole region. Iran will have nuclear weapons. IS will have control over a large region. They will amass a vast number of soldiers. It’s a case of “join us or die”.

What happens next? There will be two extremists powers in the same region, with different religious views: Shia and Sunni. Iran will have nuclear weapons, but Islamic State will have a vast power in terms of money, soldiers, and land. You might imagine that they would fight for power, as happened in the Iraq-Iran war. But I don’t think so.

My interpretation of the book of Daniel (chapter 8; the ram with two horns) leads me to believe that Iran and the Islamic State (once it controls Iraq) will join forces. This will increase their power in the region, allowing them to take control of the other Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. They will install extremist leaders in all those nations. The true power of the group of nations will lie principally with Iran (because they will have nukes) and secondly with Islamic State. They will quickly raise a vast army. They will amass nuclear weapons. And then they will start a war, World War 3, with the West.

Their purpose will be to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, and to stamp out all contrary religions, philosophies, and socio-political beliefs.

Events that I expect to happen, but not necessarily in this order:

* Islamic state captures all of Iraq
* President of Iran (Hassan Rouhani) becomes also the Supreme Leader of Iran
* Iran announces they have nuclear weapons
* Iran begins to make weapon-grade uranium openly, while threatening the West
* Iran and Islamic State make a pact to join together
* The rest of the Muslim nations in that region fall under the power of Iran and IS
* They raise a vast army of over 10 million soldiers

And then World War 3 breaks out. It will not take long for them to conquer Europe. They will win the war. If they lose control of a captured city, they will nuke the city. Fear conquers Europe as much as soldiers and weapons.

Eventually, quite a few years later, when the extremists have consolidated their power over the occupied nations of Europe, they will reassert their “convert or die” demand, this time to the peoples of Europe. A massacre ensues.

And subsequently, a few years after that, they will make the same demand to the whole world. Once the Extremists have nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, they will think to make the whole world into an Islamic kingdom by force. They will threaten the free nations, including the United States, demanding that they convert to radical Islam or be destroyed with nuclear weapons. The result will be World War 4.

The Allies win World War 4, defeating the Islamic extremists, but at great cost.

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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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  1. J. Neagram says:

    * Iran and Islamic State make a pact to join together

    I’m not sure about this assessment. Remeber that the extremist Sunni IS considers Shias as almost worst, if not worst, than infidels. Their is a real emnity between the two groups as both represent opposite sides in the power struggle for Islamic domination in the Middle East. The IS are currently being aided by Saudi Arabia and other rich oil state emirates to counter Shia dominance led by Iran. So, I see a difficult if not almost impossible alliance between Iran and the IS. Iran is already backing the Shias in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. I think a radical Shia leader (maybe Moqtada El-Sadr) will emerge in Iraq and both Iran and Iraq will overtake Sunnis for dominance in the region.

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