There are Many Future Saints in the World Today

Every generation has its Saints. But the present generation, or perhaps I should count it as the very next generation, will have more Saints in it than ever before in Church history. This one generation will have more Saints than all the Saints and Blesseds from all previous generations put together. Why? Several reasons.

First, we are very near to the event called the Warning (of Garabandal). That event is very simple. God shows every person on earth the sins on their conscience. Many repent and become holier. Some repent so thoroughly and remain so steadfast in that repentance that they become true Saints. I have no way of knowing what percentage of adults will become Saints due to the Warning, but if it is one percent, of one percent, of one percent, the Warning will turn thousands of adults into true Saints.

Second, we must consider the children. When a child experiences the Warning, it is not so much a call to repentance, since children have few if any sins, but a call to avoid sin. God will illuminate the consciences of everyone. For children, this will have the effect of “sharpening” the conscience. Children who experience the Warning will have a much better sense of right and wrong subsequently. They will convert to Christianity and to Catholicism much more readily. They will learn and accept moral truths more quickly. They will understand morality so well as to be able to correct the moral theologians of past generations with ease. As a result, very many of these children, purified by the Warning, will grow up to be Saints. I would even say that the number of Saints from children who experience the Warning will be far greater than from us jaded adults who experience the Warning. So we must add, to the thousands of adults brought into Sainthood by the Warning, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of children. They will grow up to be Saints. Some will become Saints even in childhood.

Third, we are on the threshold of the tribulation. That sequence of severe sufferings, accompanied by the return of all Christians to the one true Catholic Faith, will bring many persons into a high degree of sanctity. Some of the Protestants who convert to Catholicism will become Saints. And many Catholics will reach a high degree of sanctity by suffering through the tribulation.

Fourth, the blessings and sufferings of the tribulation, the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle, — all these events together — will bring about the conversion to Catholic Christianity of many unbelievers and non-Christian believers. Some of these persons, also, will become Saints.

Fifth, the Church Herself will become much holier over the next few decades, so much so that people will find it easier to become a Saint, having clearer guidance and firmer rules for their journey toward holiness.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone
available in print (paperback, 510 pp.) and in Kindle format.

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2 Responses to There are Many Future Saints in the World Today

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Ron,

    I’m reading your book currently, The Angelic Pope and the Great Catholic Monarch.. I was wondering if you have some sort of timeline with the order of events which are to occur as sometimes I get a bit confused and mix up the order of events..

    Is this order correct am I missing anything?
    Illumination of conscience
    World War 3
    Rise of the Great catholic monarch and Angelic Pope
    World War 4
    Three Days of darkness
    Age of peace (approx 25 years)
    Reign of antichrist

    • Ron Conte says:

      It’s looking more and more like WW3 will not start until after the Warning (illumination). So that order is correct. But there is a long inter-tribulation period between the brief time of peace (2040 to about 2065) and the reign of the Antichrist (2431 to 2437).

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