Why I Write about Iran’s Nuclear Program

This blog is generally for posts on Roman Catholic theology, on matters of faith, morals, salvation, on some speculative subjects (e.g. eschatology) and on some matters of discipline. So then, why should I, as a Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator, also write about such a secular topic as Iran’s nuclear weapons program?

Consider the months prior to World War 2, the months in which Hitler was violating the Versailles Treaty, building up his armed forces, re-militarizing the Rhineland, and annexing Austria. He was openly threatening war by words and actions. At that point in time, persons of faith and reason, persons of good will toward humanity, had a moral obligation to speak out against these actions, and to warn others of the impending war. And many persons did speak out, including theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His role as a theologian did not preclude his involvement in other subject areas, especially in those dire circumstances.

Now consider the present time period. A dire circumstance again presents itself. There is great hostility in the Arab/Muslim world against the West. They hold public protests in which they shout: “Death to America” and “Death to…” other nations. Iran’s leaders openly deny the Holocaust, and yet at the same time call for a second Holocaust, saying that they wish to wipe Israel from the map. They openly talk about going to war against Israel, the U.S., and the West.

And it is readily apparent that Iran is working hard to obtain nuclear weapons. Israel is concerned that a nuclear Iran would attack them. But I believe they will attack NYC instead. “New York City’s police chief, Ray Kelly, warned that a possible conflict between Iran and Israel is a particular area of concern, given New York City’s large Jewish population.”

My understanding of the situation is that Iran is preparing to go to War against Europe, the U.S., and Israel. Iran is seeking to obtain nuclear weapons. They are already close to that goal. Once they have obtained several nuclear bombs, they will attack and World War 3 will begin. I am morally obligated to warn the faithful about this great danger and about the terrible War that is about to begin.

But unlike World War 2, this next war, World War 3, is part of the events described in the Book of Revelation, called the tribulation or the apocalypse. And it is the work of some theologians to write about eschatology, about the end times — how much more so now that the tribulation is about to begin. We all stand on the threshold of the tribulation, and I am warning the Church and the world about the terrible afflictions that will soon begin.

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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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