The False Prophet of the Antichrist

Sacred Scripture contains a number of indications that the false prophet is a woman, not a man. In Revelation 2:20, the term ‘prophetess’ is explicitly used. This passage goes on at length describing the severe sins of this woman and of those who are taught by her. The tribulation is mentioned (v. 22), and her doctrines are said to be of Satan (v. 24). Scripture also explicitly states that she is not willing to repent (v. 21). Each of these points demonstrates that this ‘Jezebel’ of Revelation is the false prophetess.

First, the only other condemnatory uses of the word ‘prophet’ in the Book of Revelation are in Rev. 16:13; 19:20; 20:10, and all refer to the false prophet who assists the Antichrist.

Second, the references to tribulation and teaching doctrines which are of Satan can only refer to the worst part of the tribulation, when the Antichrist reigns. For his reign is “accompanied by the works of Satan,” (2 Thess 2:9), which must include false doctrines (cf. 1 Jn 2:22) as well as various type of severe sins. The description of Jezebel is so severe in sinfulness and so closely tied to the worst part of the tribulation that she can be no other person except the false prophet who assists the Antichrist.

Third, Sacred Scripture is a gift from God for the repentance and salvation of the whole world. The prophecy that Jezebel is not willing to repent cannot therefore refer in general to anyone who sins as Jezebel in the Old Testament sinned, nor to anyone who sins as described in Revelation 2:20 and following. For repentance is available to everyone. The only persons who are prophesied, specifically, by Scripture certainly to be sent to Hell are all the fallen angels, Judas Iscariot (in my interpretation), and the Antichrist and false prophetess. For Rev 19:20 and 20:10 both explicitly teach that the beast (the Antichrist) and the false prophet will be sent by God to Hell. So the assertion by Scripture that a particular person, symbolically called Jezebel, will not repent, is therefore tied to the later assertion that the Antichrist and false prophetess will certainly end up in Hell. But no one goes to Hell who repents sufficiently prior to death. Therefore, Jezebel is the false prophet, and the false prophet is a woman, a prophetess.

Fourth, Rev 19:20 states that the Antichrist and the false prophetess are sent to Hell alive, implying that these two human persons, unlike the other persons in Hell, are present there in body and soul (prior to the general Resurrection). This is fitting for the Antichrist because he is a perverse imitation of Christ. Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, alive, after His Resurrection, so that He is present in Heaven in body and soul (and Divinity, of course). Similarly, the Antichrist will be sent to Hell alive, with body and soul united.

But now consider that only one other person is in Heaven, prior to the general Resurrection, with body and soul united: the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saint Bridget of Sweden received a private revelation from the Virgin Mary: “Know, too, that there is no human body in Heaven but the glorious body of my Son and mine.” The other human persons in Heaven are present there in soul only, until the general Resurrection. Similarly, the human persons in Hell are present there in soul only, until the general Resurrection. Yet we are told by Scripture that two persons are sent to Hell alive: the beast (i.e. the Antichrist) and the false prophetess. Those two persons are the only human persons present in Hell in body and soul, prior to the general Resurrection. The Antichrist is a perverse imitation of Christ, and so he is present in Hell in body and soul, just as Jesus has body and soul in Heaven. But all this implies that the only other person in Hell in body and soul must be a perverse imitation of the only other person in Heaven in body and soul, the Virgin Mary. Therefore, the false prophet is a woman, who is a perverse imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The false prophetess is an Anti-Virgin-Mary. Therefore, she is as far away from purity and holiness and humility as possible. Fittingly then, she is said to be guilty of severe fornication (literally and figuratively) in Revelation 2:20-22.

Fifth, the false prophetess leads a false Church, which is a type of Anti-Church for the false worship of the Antichrist. Her false Church offers many perverse doctrines to the sinful citizens of the kingdom of the ten kings. But it is not enough for her doctrines to be false, these doctrines must both encourage the false worship of the Antichrist, and must be attractive to the very sinful of the world. For the world at that time, and the vast majority of its citizens, will be more sinful than ever before in human history. Some of their sins will be beyond imagining for even a very sinful person today. If you showed a collection of the worst criminals on earth today what daily life will be like for the sinful of that time, even they would be horrified at these sins, even they would recoil in disgust, even they would condemn such severe sins. So the doctrines of the false prophetess must encourage and justify the extremely wicked sins that will be so very popular in society at that time.

In sinful secular society today, there are many sins and false teachings related to gender and sexuality. And in the time of the Antichrist’s reign, such sins and false teachings will be very much worse, and yet still similar. The unrepentant wicked of that time will claim that nothing is immoral pertaining to sexuality and they will justify extremely wicked sexual acts. Then, too, they will utterly reject, with extreme malice, the teaching of Christianity that men and women should have different roles. Therefore, in order for this false Church devised by the Antichrist and the false prophetess to be appealing to the sinful, it must have a woman as its leader. Otherwise, with a man as Antichrist and a man as false prophet, this false Church will seem too much like the Christian Church to the worldly. For the false prophet, as a type of head of the false Church, will be comparable to a pope. But the sinful of the world have long clamored for women leaders in religion. So, for this reason too, the false prophet must be a woman.

Then, with a woman as the head of his false Church, the Antichrist can appeal to apostate and severely heretical Catholics who have long desired women priests, women bishops, and even a woman pope. For during the long gradual increase in sinfulness in the world, from the brief time of peace after the first part of the tribulation all the way through to the Antichrist’s reign, the unfaithful among the flock of Jesus Christ will have increasingly sought ordination and roles of authority in the Church for women. This inordinate desire will increase along with the increase in sinfulness in the world, until the unfaithful of the Church are clamoring not only for women priests, but for women bishops and finally for a woman pope.

So, with a woman as an antipope, at the head of his false religion, the Antichrist can appeal to unfaithful Catholics as well as to the sinful tendency of modern society to make no distinction in roles between men and women, and to give women roles of authority over men. His false Church will therefore have many women as false bishops, many women as false Cardinals, many women as false priests. And this exaltation of women into roles in religion, because it is contrary to the teaching of Catholicism, will be all the more appealing to a sinful world. For the world, especially at that time, will have a very strong hatred for the one true Church and for all Her wise teachings, especially for Her teachings on sexuality and gender roles.

Sixth, returning to a consideration of the Book of Revelation, the text refers to “the great harlot, who sits upon many waters.” (Rev 17:1). She is explicitly said to be a woman. “And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet beast, filled with names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.” (Rev 17:3). Since she sits upon the beast with seven heads and ten horns, she is not a kingdom, but a woman with authority in the kingdom of the Antichrist. She must have great authority in the Antichrist’s kingdom, since she sits upon the beast, i.e. the whole kingdom. And the subsequent description of her great sins and her power in the kingdom of the ten kings also supports the conclusion that she must have more power than anyone else in the kingdom, aside from the Antichrist. Thus, she can only be the false prophet who assists the Antichrist, and who is the head of his false Church. And the detailed interpretation of this passage, given below, further supports the conclusion that the harlot is the false prophet, and is a woman antipope.

The above text is an excerpt from my book: The Second Part of the Tribulation.

Now I want to add this caveat concerning my assertion that the false prophet of the Antichrist is a woman antipope. She is most assuredly NOT a pope, nor an alleged or claimed pope, over the Catholic Church. She is the head of a new religion that worships the Antichrist. At the time of the Antichrist, which is in the distant future (early 25th century), the Roman Catholic Church will be greatly persecuted, but will still exist worldwide. The Catholic Church is NEVER taken over by the Antichrist, nor by the false prophetess, nor by an evil antipope, nor by Satan. For the Church is indefectible. See my article, warning Catholic never to reject any valid Pope.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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