new book on Abortion and Contraception

I’ve just published a new book:
Roman Catholic Teaching on Abortion and Contraception
currently available as a Kindle book from

The book is now also available in paperback; it is about 400 pages in 7″x10″ format. Available at Amazon in the U.S. and in Europe.

If you are a faithful Catholic who argues against the sin contraception, this book will help you make a more solid argument, based on a thorough understanding of magisterial teaching.

Chapter List:
1. The Basic Principles of Ethics
2. Veritatis Splendor
3. Humanae Vitae
4. The Catechism and the Compendium
5. Casti Connubii
6. Sacred Scripture
7. Evangelium Vitae
8. Address to Midwives
9. Familiaris Consortio
10. CDF Documents
11. USCCB Documents
12. Second Vatican Council
13. Other Magisterial Documents
14. Contraception and Heresy
15. Pope Benedict’s Comment on Condoms
16. Abortion and Excommunication

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic moral theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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