The Abortion Vaccine (What fresh Hell is this?)

Pope John Paul II: “The close connection which exists, in mentality, between the practice of contraception and that of abortion is becoming increasingly obvious. It is being demonstrated in an alarming way by the development of chemical products, intrauterine devices and vaccines which, distributed with the same ease as contraceptives, really act as abortifacients in the very early stages of the development of the life of the new human being.” (Evangelium Vitae, n. 13.)

The Pontiff stated his understanding, which I believe is well-supported by medical science, that chemical contraceptives and the IUD (intrauterine device) act, or can in some cases act, as abortifacients, killing the prenatal human person in the very early stages of development. This type of contraceptive also works as an abortifacient, joining two grave sins as one.

Contraceptive vaccines are currently being researched by some companies, and even tested in humans:

“Contraceptive vaccines (CV) may provide viable and valuable alternatives to the presently available methods of contraception…. Vaccines targeting gamete outcome primarily focus on the HCG molecule. The HCG vaccine is the first vaccine to undergo Phase I and II clinical trials in humans. Both efficacy and lack of immunopathology have been reasonably well demonstrated for this vaccine.” (Naz, et al., “Recent advances in contraceptive vaccine development: a mini-review”, Oxford Journal of Human Reproduction, Volume 20, Issue 12, p. 3271-3283.)

Some contraceptive vaccines target the male gametes (sperm) or the female gametes (eggs) prior to conception; in this case the contraceptive vaccine is literally contraceptive.

However, another type of contraceptive vaccine targets the HCG molecule. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a protein involved in the development of the placenta. In other words, this latter type of vaccine prevents the formation of a placenta, so that the conceived prenatal will die only a few days after conception. This type of “contraceptive” vaccine is entirely and solely an abortifacient. It is a new type of abortion, an abortion vaccine.

Abortifacient contraception typically works by preventing conception, and only occasionally works by preventing the implantation of the conceived prenatal. But HCG-based contraceptive vaccines are not at all contraceptive (and not really a vaccine, either). This type of chemical has no purpose or effect other than making certain that the newly-conceived prenatal cannot continue its development by forming a placenta. Death is the only possible result.

“from those who leave the straight path to walk in dark ways, who rejoice when they have done evil, and who exult in the most wicked things. Their ways are perverse, and their steps are infamous. (Proverbs 2:13-15)

“because they were doing works hateful to you, through unjust medicines … merciless murderers of their own sons” (Wisdom 12:4-5).

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic moral theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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2 Responses to The Abortion Vaccine (What fresh Hell is this?)

  1. Joseph Jablonski says:

    Does the vaccine mean that it permanently kills sperm, egg, or placenta? Additionally, thanks for the quote from the book of Wisdom

    • Ron Conte says:

      The abortion vaccine destroys a protein necessary to form a placenta, thereby killing the conceived prenatal. Other contraceptive vaccines are under development that attack the gametes of the man or woman.

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