new book on Marital Sexual Ethics

I’ve just published my lastest book of Catholic moral theology:

Roman Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics [Kindle Edition]

Chapter List:
1: The Basis for Morality
2: Knowingly Chosen Acts
3: The Three Fonts of Morality
4: Abortion and Contraception
5: Artificial Procreation
6: Various Sexual Sins
7: The Marital Sexual Act
8: Sets of Acts
9: Incomplete Acts
10: Claims to the Contrary
11: The Pornification of Marriage
12: Questions and Answers

The first ten chapters are adapted from my book The Catechism of Catholic Ethics. But the last three chapters are new and take up about 30% of the book’s length. So, if you already have The Catechism of Catholic Ethics, you already have most of what I am saying on this topic. But otherwise, the book is a thorough presentation of Catholic ethics as it relates to marriage and sex.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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