Abortion Statistics from a Pro-life Perspective

According to the the Alan Guttmacher Institute, there were 45.6 million abortions worldwide in 1995, 41.6 million in 2003, and 43.8 million in 2008.

If the average number of abortions worldwide is 40 million or more, then 25 years of abortion encompasses the deaths of over one billion unborn children: 1,000,000,000 deaths every 25 years. Even if this rate of abortion remains flat, as the world population increases, every additional 25 years represents another one billion innocent prenatals killed. These are not accidental deaths caused by some type of natural disaster. Abortion is a type of homicide; it is the murder of the most innocent of human persons. One billion murders every 25 years.

But it gets worse. Abortifacient contraception is so widespread in society today that there could easily be more abortions from abortifacient contraception than from surgical abortions. It is entirely possible that more prenatals have been killed by abortifacient contraception than by surgical abortions. So the figure of one billion innocents killed is reached much more quickly than every 25 years. It might take only 15 years, or even less than ten years, to reach than number. So it may well be the case that, since 1995, over one billion prenatals have been murdered by abortion and abortifacient contraception together.

Yet the world gives no indication of a willingness to abandon this grave sin against God and humanity. Truly, abortion is a type of genocide, the worst example of genocide in the history of humanity. And it continues unabated. More prenatals are murdered each year by abortion and contraception than all the military and civilian deaths of all wars throughout human history combined. It is as if a World War I and a World War II were compressed into each year, with a higher casualty rate, repeated each year, with the consent of most persons in the world.

Why are abortion and contraception so popular in the world today? It is because these two grave sins, abortion and contraception, allow people to use sex as a form of recreation, without marriage or family or responsibility for procreation. The sins of abortion and contraception allow people to have sex, whenever they wish, without dealing with the consequences: pregnancy, children, and family. These two related sins open the door to promiscuity without concern for the consequences. In order to end the sins of abortion and abortifacient contraception, the world would have to give up its sexual sins. But most persons are not willing. They would rather allow millions of murders of prenatals each year, than give up grave sexual sin.

Humanity is literally committing a vast genocide, each year, in order to avoid having to give up its sexual sins. So then, when the grave afflictions of the tribulation overwhelm the world, do not ask why. One of the main reasons is the sexual sins of the world, and the sins of abortifacient contraception and abortion that enable those sexual sins.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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