Former CIA and NSA Director on the threat from Iran

Former CIA Chief: Iran ‘Single Greatest Destabilizing’ Force in 2012
[Fox News]

General Michael Hayden was one of the highest ranking military intelligence officers in the armed forces. He then went on to become the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and then subsequently the Director of the CIA. He is currently working in the private sector.

Hayden spoke publicly on the threat from Iran. From the Fox News report by Catherine Herridge:

“Tehran will be the top threat in 2012, former CIA Director Michael Hayden predicted Wednesday…. ‘the situation with Iran, and particularly their nuclear program has continued on a trajectory that gets darker with each passing day, week and month. They seem on this inexorable arc in the direction of a nuclear capability and there seems to be nothing that we or other like minded nations can do that will stop them.’ ”

” ‘A country that’s willing to try to kill Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador, at a Georgetown restaurant, through a Mexican drug cartel, is probably capable of a lot of things,’ he said.”

As someone who was head of the NSA and then CIA, and who is still working in the area of international security in the private sector, Hayden probably knows more about Iran’s nuclear program than was revealed in the recent IAEA report. Hayden believes that Iran will obtain nuclear capability, and that other nations will not be able to stop them. He does not say that they will have nukes in 2012, but he implies it.

Hayden explains that he does not think Iran will carry through on its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz. So closing the Strait is not what makes Iran the single greatest destabilizing force in 2012. The only other threat from Iran that Hayden even mentions is nuclear weapons.

Now consider the other recent and relevant news story in recent days:

New Pentagon strategy stresses Asia, cyber, drones

“President Barack Obama unveiled a defense strategy on Thursday that would expand the U.S. military presence in Asia but shrink the overall size of the force as the Pentagon seeks to slash spending by nearly half a trillion dollars after a decade of war.”

“But the size of the U.S. Army and Marines Corps would shrink. So too might the U.S. nuclear arsenal and the U.S. military footprint in Europe.”

Why are we expanding our military presence in Asia, while Iran is working on obtaining nuclear weapons, possibly as soon as within the next several months? In my opinion, scaling back the military budget and the number of troops is a serious mistake. We are on the threshold of a war initiated by Iran using a nuclear bomb against New York City. We are on the threshold of a war between the West and the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, led by Iran. I believe that World War 3 will begin in 2012 with an Iranian nuclear attack on NYC.

When World War 3 begins, we will have a smaller defense budget and a smaller fighting force. Several news analyses of this situation say that we will not be able to fight two ground wars at the same time. But we are already involved in a ground war in Afghanistan, with close to 100,000 troops in that nation. We will not have the resources to respond to an Iranian nuclear attack with quick and decisive action. It will take our military months to move troops and equipment around, in order to respond in any substantial way.

Who wins World War 3? The Muslim extremists win the war; they conquer and occupy Europe for many years.

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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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