Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Shepherd

I’ve just published a new Kindle eBooklet:
The Great Catholic Monarch and the Angelic Shepherd

For many centuries, from the early years of the Church to the present time, various Saints, Blesseds, and other holy persons have spoken of two figures in the future of the Church: the great Catholic monarch and the Angelic Shepherd. These two holy persons assist the Church and the world during the first part of the tribulation. The Angelic Shepherd guides the Church from the time of a great Ecumenical Council through many spiritual and temporal difficulties. The great Catholic monarch fights a terrible war (World War 4) to free Europe and other nations that were conquered and occupied during World War 3. After the first part of the tribulation, these two leaders guide the Church and the world during a time of peace, holiness, and rebuilding.

All this has been prophesied for many centuries. The Bible, too, contains implicit references, in several different books and passages, to these same two persons. And now, in my theological opinion, these two figures have arrived; they are in the world today. This booklet examines many different prophesies about the great Catholic monarch and the Angelic Shepherd (or Angelic Pastor) in private revelation and Sacred Scripture, and proposes the identity of these two figures.

I’ve published this booklet for persons who are interested in this one particular topic. Even though many Saints and Blesseds have written about these two figures, there is not much material available on the topic.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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