New ebook — Notes on the Apocalypse: 2012

I have just published by latest work of eschatology, a book on the initial events of the tribulation (the apocalypse):

Notes on the Apocalypse: 2012

The book is in Kindle format. I do not intend to publish it in print anytime soon. If you do not have a Kindle device, you can download the free Kindle software that allows you to read Kindle books on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

This work presents my understanding of the present ‘signs of the times’: the Arab Spring, the Occupy Protests, the Global Financial Crisis, the soon-to-be successful attempt of Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, the continuing discord between the West and the Arab/Muslim nations, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, etc. Based on this world situation and the description of the Apocalypse in the Bible, I predict a series of interrelated apocalyptic events, including: Iran obtains and uses nuclear weapons against New York City in 2012, World War 3 begins, severe civil violence and unrest overwhelm the world, the economy begins to fall into ruin, food rationing and eventually famine affect wealthy nations, etc.

For the Catholic Church, I predict severe changes. A new, very conservative Pope is elected: Cardinal Arinze as Pope Pius XIII. Many Catholics object to the new Pope and his teaching, and so they leave the Church. This event, in which most Catholics and very many priests and religious leave the Church, is called the great apostasy; it has long been considered one of the most remarkable signs of the end times.

The book includes my analysis of the next Papal Conclave, and those Cardinals who might be considered to be papabile (possible candidates for the papacy).

May God give you His grace and peace during the time of great affliction that is about to overwhelm the whole world.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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