The Three Popes prediction of Garabandal

One of the visionaries of Garabandal, named Conchita, has made an often repeated, and almost as often misstated, prediction — that there would be three more Popes and then … something. It is not clear, at first glance, what would happen after the reigns of three Popes. However, Conchita did explicitly say that it was not the end of the world.

On 3 June 1963 – the day of the passing of Pope John XXIII – after learning that the village bells were tolling for the pope, Conchita made a startling remark to her mother Aniceta: “For sure…now there remain no more than three [popes]!”

Naturally, Aniceta was shocked, and asked if this meant the end of the world was approaching (?Quiere decir que viene ya el fin del mundo?). Conchita’s response was that the Virgin did not say “the end of the world”, but rather “the end of the times”.

Specifically, the Virgin mentioned that there would be two more popes after the then-current pontiff (Paul VI, 1963-1978), and then the end of the times.

So the event that occurs after the reigns of three popes is apparently the beginning of the end times, that is to say, the beginning of the tribulation.

My understanding is that the three popes are:

1. Pope Paul VI
2. Pope John Paul I
3. Pope John Paul II

During the reign of Pope John Paul II, we might have interpreted the prediction in one of two ways: (1) either that the end times begin during the reign of the third Pope (John Paul II), or (2) the end times begin during the reign of the subsequent Pontiff (Pope Benedict XVI). Since the end times have not yet begun, the interpretation is obviously the latter. The tribulation will begin during the reign of the current Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.

Formerly, I said that the first events of the tribulation would be the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle. But as these events have not yet occurred, my current thinking is that the tribulation begins first, and the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle occur a few years into the tribulation (in 2016). So I don’t believe that Pope Benedict XVI will see the Warning, as I had thought. Instead, he will see the beginning of the tribulation, the first event of which is a great war:

[Revelation 6]
{6:1} And I saw that the Lamb had opened one of the seven seals. And I heard one of the four living creatures saying, in a voice like thunder: “Draw near and see.”
{6:2} And I saw, and behold, a white horse. And he who was sitting upon it was holding a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering, so that he might prevail.

My interpretation is that this event is World War 3, a war in which the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa attack, invade, and conquer Europe. But the first event of this war, at least in my speculative eschatology, is an attack on the United States, a nuclear bomb explosion in New York City. Later in the war, in July of 2013, there is a nuclear missile attack on Rome and Vatican City.

It might be the case that Pope Benedict XVI’s reign lasts until World War 3 begins. This timing would be in agreement with the Three Popes prediction of Conchita.

But another possible interpretation is that the current set of events, which I interpret to be the immediate preparation for the tribulation (the Arab Spring, worldwide protests, economic problems), is sufficient to fulfill the Three Popes prediction. Thus Pope Benedict XVI has already seen the threshold of the tribulation.

However, my current opinion is that Pope Benedict XVI will live to see the start of World War 3, which would place the end of his reign sometime in 2012 (not 2011, as I had said).

The next Pope (Cardinal Arinze/Pope Pius XIII) will reign over the beginning of the tribulation AND over the beginning of the great apostasy. And this great apostasy begins (ironically) during the Year of Faith. So the next Pope is elected in 2012, before the Year of Faith begins. But Pope Benedict XVI does not die until the tribulation begins. My conclusion is that there are only a few more months left before the tribulation starts.

The Arab Spring prepares for the first event of the tribulation, World War 3, by unseating the current government leaders, giving extremists the opportunity to seize power.

The worldwide ‘Occupy’ Protests prepare for the second event of the tribulation, severe civil disorder and violence, by sowing the seeds of protest in major cities around the world.

The current economic problems will become much worse as the first two events of the tribulation begin, preparing the way for the third event of the tribulation, a worldwide famine that is more severe in wealthy nations.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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2 Responses to The Three Popes prediction of Garabandal

  1. JESUS AGUILAR says:

    Hello ,let me give you this information, I hope you know spanish:
    La conversación tan importante que continuamos acá la contó en presencia de cuatro testigos: su madre Aniceta, D. Albrecht Weber, su madre Elisabeth Weber y Eloisa Deguia. Fue en la tarde del día 13 de noviembre de 1965, el día de la última Aparición de la Santísima Virgen. La Sra. Elisabeth Weber tomó notas detalladas. En este día, D. Albrecht Weber habló largamente con Conchita de varios temas relacionados con las Apariciones.
    La primera parte de la conversación dice:
    Cuando la noticia de la muerte del Papa Juan XXIII llegó al pueblo, las pequeñas campanas de la Iglesia anunciaron la muerte del Papa con un tono fúnebre.
    Conchita fue con su madre Aniceta y la Sra. Ortiz de camino a la Iglesia. Surgió la siguiente conversación:
    — El Papa ha muerto.
    Dijo su madre.
    Contestó Conchita:
    — Ah, que el Papa murió. Entonces quedan TRES papas.
    Hasta aquí todo muy bien. Sin embargo, una vez de vuelta a casa, Aniceta no estaba tranquila y quiso conocer más profundamente los pensamientos de su hija que parecía reservarse en presencia de la Sra. Ortiz.
    En casa, a solas, temiendo un posible error de su hija, le pregunta su madre:
    — ¿De donde sabes que solamente quedan TRES papas?
    Conchita respondió:
    — De la Santísima Virgen. En realidad me dijo que aún vendrían CUATRO papas pero que Ella no contaba uno de ellos.
    Dice Aniceta:
    — Pero entonces, ¿por qué no tener en cuenta UNO?
    Responde Conchita:
    — Ella no lo dijo, solo me dijo que UNO no le tenía en cuenta. Sin embargo me dijo que gobernaría la Iglesia por muy poco tiempo.
    A la pregunta:
    — ¿Quizás por eso no lo cuenta?
    Conchita dice:
    — No lo sé.
    Su madre:
    Y qué viene después:
    — Ella no lo dijo.
    Hasta aquí el primer fragmento de la conversación.
    La Virgen dice claramente que, después de Juan XXIII, habrá cuatro Papas más pero que uno de ellos no le tiene en cuenta. Aniceta no entiende por qué y le pregunta a su hija si será por el motivo de que gobernará la Iglesia por muy poco tiempo. Sin embargo la Santísima Virgen no explica la causa de la repentina muerte de Juan Pablo I ni cual es el motivo concreto por el que no le cuenta pero sí indica claramente que el que Ella no cuenta es el que reinará poco tiempo, es decir el papa Juan Pablo I.
    For me is clear that Benedict XVI is the last pope before the End of Times, greetings.

  2. Greg Grimer says:

    I cannot see the Muslim nations being militarily capable of attacking Europe for at least 30-50 years. Where is their united army? They all hate each other. How would they take out Europe’s air defences which they would need to do to sail their landing craft (they don’t have) across the Mediteranean or Agean sea.

    As rubbish as European armies are, the Islamic nations armies are far worse. They are a disorgansied rabble of poorly trained soldiers.

    Russia I could see invading Europe if the circumstances were right, but Muslims? Forget it.

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