Catholic bloggers and Priests For Life

According to this article, Priests For Life is facing a serious budget deficit (1.4 million dollars in the red in the 2010 financial year) and is issuing an “urgent appeals for funds”.

I’m asking Catholics who have blogs or websites to assist Priests for Life by putting a ‘Donate to Priests For Life’ link or button on your site. See the example graphic to the right on this page.

Link the text or graphic to:

If you are coding a website with a text link, you can use this coding:

<A HREF="">Donate to Priests for Life</A>

Change the wording in the text link, if you like.

If you would like to use a graphic image, linked to the donation page at Priests For Life, you can use the following image. Right-click the image and download it to your computer.

If you are inserting the image into a website, you can use this coding:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="priests-for-life-donate200.png" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=100 BORDER=0 ALT="Donate to Priests For Life"></A>

But you will need to replace the image URL
with the exact path to the downloaded image on your site, such as:

For this WordPress blog (and I assume for similar WordPress blogs), I went into the Dashboard, chose Appearance, and then Widgets. Then I dragged ‘Image’ from ‘Available Widgets’ to the appropriate Widget Area. Then I filled out the associated form, with the Image URL:
and the Link URL:
and the Alternate Text:
Donate to Priests For Life

I’m not sure how other blogging platforms work to add images with links.

Please don’t link to the images on my websites directly, but download the image you want to use, then upload it to your website. Remember to use the URL to the image on your site, not mine.

— Ron Conte

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