Progress toward the start of the tribulation

This article discusses what effect the Muslim holy month of Ramadan might have on the ‘Arab Spring’, the current set of protests and violence in various Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. It is not clear if Ramadan will make fighting more difficult for the rebels, since they might be fasting during all daylight hours. But since persons gather at Mosques during that month, it may also spur more protests. Ramadan begins about August 1st (upon the observation of the new crescent moon).

My view is that this upheaval in the Middle East, called the Arab Spring, is probably the prelude to the first affliction of the tribulation, World War III (the first Seal of the Seven Seals). There has long been a prophesy in the Church that the Muslims would conquer Europe in one war, and that the great Catholic monarch would free Europe in a subsequent war. Once extremists take power in all those nations, they would be in position to be able to launch a major world war.

If the Arab Spring results in extremists coming to power in all of those Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, and if they are then united as one group of nations by the leader of Iran and the leader of Iraq, then World War 3 and the tribulation will be imminent, at the very threshold. This may happen rather suddenly. Once one nation is taken over by extremists, that nation can use its resources to assist extremists in coming to power in other nations. There will then be a type of domino effect, so that if one falls, the others fall next, in quick succession.

I also wonder whether the U.S. debt crisis, which has a deadline of August 2nd, will play into this set of events.

In any case, I am certain that the tribulation will begin during this generation, in the very near future, if not this year (2011). We are also moving quickly toward the great apostasy. In fact, most persons who call themselves Catholic are in a state of material heresy, if not formal heresy. Many Catholics have already apostatized, in their hearts, away from the true Faith. And the great apostasy is one of the hallmarks of the tribulation.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    ”There has long been a prophesy in the Church that the Muslims would conquer Europe in one war, and that the great Catholic monarch would free Europe in a subsequent war.”

    This would mean that if the great Catholic monarch was born in 1997 as you suggest, then the invasion of Europe will not occur until at least 15-20 years from now. This scenario doest not seem likely at all because the Arab nations do not have anykind of military power projection that would sustain a European ”on the ground” invasion.

    • Ron Conte says:

      There are two wars that relate to the great Monarch, World War 3, in which Europe is conquered by the Muslims, and World War 4, in which the great Monarch frees Europe from the occupation. The second war ends about 2037, but the first war begins much sooner, I think within a relatively limited number of months from now (in 2011 or 2012).

      As for the ability of these nations to wage war, if they were to join together, they would have more troops than the U.S. Also, because of misguided religious fevor, as well as forced conscription, they could probably quickly increase the number of troops. And their attacks on Europe will be aided by the many Muslims who live there, undermining those nations from within.

      But the final piece of the puzzle, proving they can undertake such a war, will be their development of nuclear weapons (in Iran). Once Iran has nukes, they will begin the war. I say again, as soon as Iran makes a nuclear bomb (or a few bombs), the war will begin. They are already close, and it was recently reported that they have put more centrifuges online. Some nation(s) are taking this threat seriously. There was recently an attack on an Iranian nuclear scientist; he was killed, probably by operatives from Israel or another nation concerned about Iran obtaining nukes.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Even if they join together, their respective armies do not have the where-with-all to project military might during WW3. Numbers is not a military advantage in todays’ military praxis, technology is. Europe, united, will crush them, and the probabilty that the U.S will come to the aid of Europe is 100 %. When, not if, Iran gets the bomb, I can certaily see a scenario where they use it, but not directly, as this would spark an immediate retialiation by the West, including Israel, against that nation-state. It is not all that evident what will spark WWIII.

  3. Matt says:

    Iranian Nuclear Scientist Is Assassinated in Tehran, Mehr News Agency Says

    An Iranian scientist working in the nation’s nuclear program was assassinated in Tehran today, the state-run Mehr news agency reported, citing local police.

    [please click the link for the rest of the article]

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