Questions to ask yourself before becoming a theologian

Question 1: Do I want to write books of Roman Catholic theology, faithful to the teachings of Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium, or would I prefer to write books that Catholics will actually read?

Question 2: Am I comfortable being a member of a profession, the majority of whose members cause great harm to souls by teaching heresy and grave doctrinal error?

Question 3: Why spend many years studying the Catholic Faith in order to write and teach theology, when I could simply hang out my ‘Catholic apologist’ shingle, and teach without first having learned, as so many others have done?

Question 4: Am I skillful enough in writing and speaking about religion that I can over-simplify, dumb-down, and gloss-over the teaching of the Church, or do I want my theology to be ignored?

Question 5: Am I good at sensationalizing, being entertaining, and using empty rhetoric, or would I prefer not to place my theology online?

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