Ida Peerdeman Of Amsterdam – Lady of all Nations

One of the most widespread and harmful false claims of private revelation is that to Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam. This false private revelation calls Mary ‘the Lady’, rather than ‘our Lady’, and even suggests that she is no longer to be called Mary: “who once was Mary”.

The messages to Peerdeman have numerous predictions of future events, supposedly made by the Virgin Mary, which turned out to be entirely false:

The message of May 31, 1954 implies that the Pope would proclaim “the dogma” of Mary as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate sometime during the twentieth century. No such proclamation was made. The message seems to imply that the Pope of that time (Pius XII) would be the one to proclaim it. Such was not the case. It also implies that the Lady will appear only a few more times, and then the dogma would be proclaimed. Again, not so. And the language used in these failed predictions is vague and evasive, just as in other false prophecies.

The same message implies that the Bishop of that time would approve of the building of a church dedicated to the Lady of All Nations. He did not do so.

The message of May 31, 1957, says ‘the time has now arrived for the Dogma to be proclaimed.’ But the dogma was not proclaimed. It was not even considered for proclamation.

The message of Feb. 19, 1958 explicitly states that the successor to Pope Pius XII will “proclaim the dogma.” But his successor, John XXIII, did not do so.

The message of May 31, 1965 now claims that Pope Paul VI was ‘selected for this work.’ And again, Pope Paul VI had nothing to do with proclaiming this distorted doctrine.

Since the Blessed Virgin Mary has the Beatific Vision of God, she could not possibly make any false assertion on any topic. For she beholds God, who is Truth. Therefore, these messages to Ida Peerdeman, which contain many falsehoods, cannot be from Mary, nor from God, nor from Heaven at all.

Here is my full article, showing why this claimed private revelation is false.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator

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2 Responses to Ida Peerdeman Of Amsterdam – Lady of all Nations

  1. alexandrinasociety says:

    I agree with you that its false. I read the book some year ago – utterly bizarre. But didn’t the local Ordinary give it some kind of approval?

    • Ron Conte says:

      Yes, the (current, i think) local Bishop approved of this claimed private revelations. But such approval is fallible; it is not a dogma or doctrine of the Magisterium, nor a dogmatic fact. His decision is fallible and reversible — and to my mind patently incorrect.

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