Is the upheaval that precedes WW3 imminent?

I’ve been discussing for a long time my understanding that the first event of the tribulation is World War 3, and that this event, according to Scripture, is preceded by a set of coups, insurrections, and small wars or battles in the Middle East and northern Africa. This prediction has been in my eschatology books for many years now. If this ‘upheaval’, as I have been calling it, occurs now, as a reaction to the death of Bin Laden, then I would expect extremists to rise to power in all of the Arab/Muslim nations in the Middle East and northern Africa. And if this event occurs, then World War 3 is imminent, which is the start of the tribulation.

It seems providential that the U.S. operation successful in finally killing him occurred on Divine Mercy Sunday, and on the day of the beatification of Pope John Paul II. It is providential mercy to the world that he is dead.

The fact that the U.S. killed him and has his body, though, might cause extremists to make a sudden grab for power in that region of the world. We will soon see if this particular point in my eschatology work is correct.

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2 Responses to Is the upheaval that precedes WW3 imminent?

  1. Jonathan Simcoe says:

    There is no doubt that his death will serve as a catalyst for extremists to exact revenge.

  2. Linda Pollock says:

    Indeed! The timing of this revelation was nothing short of Divine. Let us continue in fervent prayer – and extend to others the very Mercy being outpoured.

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