My translation of the secrets of La Salette

My translation of the secrets of La Salette has been available online for many years now. This translation was completed by me in 1998, and published later that same year. For my interpretation of these secrets, see my book: The Bible and the Future of the World

“The Virgin Mary gave Melanie her secret in French. There are a number of different translations of Melanie’s secret. The translation give here is a new translation. I have based this new translation on a copy of the original manuscript of the 1904 edition of Le Secret De Melanie, handwritten (in French) by Abbé Combe, Curé of Diou (Allier), published in Lyons, France. He obtained from Melanie a copy of her secret ‘entirely written by her hand’ and which conformed to the text of the secret originally printed in 1879, at Lecce, France (Le Secret De Melanie, p.7).”

“This 1904 manuscript corrected several typographical errors made by the publisher of that first edition, which was published in 1879 with the Imprimatur of Monseigneur Zola, Bishop of Lecce. Melanie had added her own comments within several of the paragraphs of the secret given to her by the Virgin Mary (paragraphs 12, 16, 23, and 27). The important correction made in the 1904 edition was to clearly distinguish Melanie’s comments from the words of the Virgin Mary. In this new translation, Melanie’s comments are also kept distinct from the secret itself by being placed in italics.”

“This entire text of these secrets was translated by Ronald L. Conte Jr. for his book, The Bible and the Future of the World, first edition published in 1998. The translation, notes, and commentary are copyright 1998. All rights reserved.”

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