Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir: the great Catholic monarch

The great Catholic monarch is a figure prophesied by many different Saints and mystics. Saint Hippolytus of Rome, Saint Methodius, Saint Cataldus, Saint Remigius, Saint Caesar of Arles, Blessed Rabanus Maurus, Saint Thomas Becket, Saint Hildegard, ‘Blessed’ Joachim of Flora, Abbot Werdin d’Otrante, Brother John of the Cleft Rock, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint Francis de Paul, Blessed Johannes Amadeus de Sylva, Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, and Abbé Mathurin Souffrand all wrote about the great Catholic monarch.

“I believe that the great Catholic monarch is Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir of Austria. His father is Archduke Karl of Austria; his grandfather is Otto von Habsburg, Crown Prince of Austria; his great-grandfather was the last Austrian emperor, Charles I. Archduke Ferdinand is the eldest son of Archduke Karl and the heir to all the titles handed down through his family.”

“More importantly, the Austrian emperors succeeded the holy Roman emperors. The last holy Roman emperor was Francis II, who dissolved the holy Roman empire in 1806, and who then became the first emperor of Austria, Francis I. (Francis II and Francis I are the same person.) The great Catholic monarch is said in various private revelations to be a descendant of the holy Roman emperors and the legitimate heir to the empire.”

Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria is the great Catholic monarch.

[Quotations are from my book, The First Part of the Tribulation, from the chapter titled: ‘The Great Monarch and the Angelic Shepherd in Private Revelation’.]

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Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian

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