The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

The Virgin Mary spoke to Saint Bridget about the presence of the Son of God in her womb and about His Virgin Birth.

“And when I had Him in my womb, I bore Him without pain, without any weight or feeling of inconvenience. In all things I humbled myself, knowing that He was almighty whom I bore. And when I brought Him forth, I brought Him forth without pain and sin, as I conceived Him . . . . And as He entered all my members with the joy of my whole soul, so with the joy of my whole body, my soul exulting with ineffable joy, He came forth, my virginity untouched.” [Revelations of St. Bridget, p. 20.]

“And therefore, know truly, that although men, according to human ideas, would assert that my Son was born in the usual way, it is true beyond all doubt that He was born as I tell thee and thou hast seen.” [Revelations of St. Bridget, p. 28.]

The Virgin Mary clearly told Saint Bridget that her Divine Son Jesus Christ was not born in the usual way, but rather in a way which was entirely virginal.

God also showed the Virgin Birth of Jesus to Saint Bridget:

“When all these things were ready, then the Virgin, kneeling with great reverence, placed herself in prayer, with her back to the crib, her face eastward, raised to Heaven. She stood with uplifted hands, and eyes fixed on Heaven, rapt as it were, in an ecstasy of contemplation, inebriated with the divine sweetness. And while she thus stood in prayer, I beheld her Child move in her womb, and at once in a moment, and in the twinkling of an eye, she brought forth her Son, from whom such ineffable light and splendor radiated, that the sun could not be compared to it . . . and so sudden and momentary was that mode of bearing, that I could not perceive or discern how, or in what part she brought forth. Nevertheless, I immediately beheld that glorious Babe lying naked and most pure on the ground, His flesh most clean from all filth or impurity. . . . When the Virgin perceived that she had been delivered, she immediately bowed her head, and joining her hands, adored her Son with great respect and reverence, saying: ‘Welcome, my God, and my Lord, and my Son.’ ” [Revelations of St. Bridget, p. 25-26.]

Saint Bridget says, “His flesh most clean from all filth or impurity,” meaning that there was no blood or fluids or anything else on the body of Jesus when He was born. The miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ was perfect and complete. There was no need to cut an umbilical cord. There was no afterbirth. Everything necessary was provided by God miraculously. No midwife was needed because the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ was not lacking in any way. And the same is true for the miraculous birth of the Virgin Mary.

The birth of Jesus Christ occurred solely and entirely by a miracle of God and not in the usual way. When Jesus was born, He went from His mother Mary’s womb to the outside world immediately and directly by a miracle of God, without any part whatsoever of the usual process of delivery. First He was in the womb, then He was out of the womb, without having to travel through any places in between. God alone could bring about such a virginal and miraculous birth. The Virgin Births of both Jesus and Mary occurred solely, entirely, and necessarily by means of a miracle of God and not in the usual way. [38]

The visions given by God to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich also confirm that the birth of Jesus Christ was virginal and miraculous.

“Joseph suggested to the Blessed Virgin that he should summon to her assistance some pious women whom he knew in Bethlehem. She declined, however, saying that she needed no human help.” [The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, p. 191.]

“I saw the radiance round the Blessed Virgin ever growing greater. . . . At midnight she was wrapt in an ecstasy of prayer. I saw her lifted from the earth, so that I saw the ground beneath her. Her hands were crossed on her breast. The radiance about her increased . . . . Then I no longer saw the roof of the cave; a pathway of light opened above Mary, rising with ever-increasing glory towards the height of heaven. . . . Meanwhile the Blessed Virgin, borne up in ecstasy, was now gazing downwards, adoring her God, whose Mother she had become and who lay on the earth before her in the form of a helpless new-born child. I saw our Redeemer as a tiny child, shining with a light that overpowered all the surrounding radiance, and lying on the carpet at the Blessed Virgin’s knees. It seemed to me as if he were at first quite small and then grew before my eyes. But the movement of the intense radiance was such that I cannot say for certain how I saw it.” [The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, p. 193.]

The Eucharistic prayer from Holy Mass also clearly teaches that the birth of Jesus Christ was a Virgin Birth.

“In union with the whole Church we celebrate that day (night)
when Mary without loss of her virginity gave this world its savior.
We honor her, the ever-virgin mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God.” [New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal, Eucharistic Prayer I, Communicantes for Christmas, p. 68.]

The phrase “without loss of her virginity” means that Jesus left the womb of the Virgin Mary solely by a miracle of God and not in the usual way. Jesus went from being inside the womb to being outside the womb solely by means of the power of God. This is what is meant by a virgin birth; other explanations are insufficient and unacceptable. The births of both Jesus and Mary were Virgin Births. God is Truth; whoever loves God will love the truth.

One Teaching

Jesus Christ is perfect in all things, including His Perfect Virginity. God alone is the Father of Jesus Christ. God required the Holy Conception of Jesus Christ to be a miraculous Virgin Conception. Since Christ had a Virgin Conception, He must also have had a Virgin Birth, for the Virginity of Jesus Christ is entirely perfect in every way. The perfect, complete, and all-encompassing Virginity of Jesus Christ extends even to His perfect Virgin Conception and His perfect Virgin Birth. This teaching is trustworthy and true; it cannot be otherwise.

God would not give the perfect-Virgin Jesus Christ a Virgin Conception within the womb of His mother, Mary, without also giving Him a Virgin Birth out of the womb of His mother, Mary. His Holy Conception was virginal and miraculous, therefore His Holy Birth was also virginal and miraculous. Every perfect Virgin must have both a Virgin Conception and a Virgin Birth. Jesus Christ is perfect in Virginity. Therefore, Jesus must have had both a Virgin Conception and a Virgin Birth, for without both His Virginity would not be perfect, complete, and all-encompassing. The Virgin Conception and Virgin Birth are joined by God and cannot be separated.

The Virginity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is so perfect, complete, and all-encompassing that even His Holy Conception and His Holy Birth were entirely Virginal, occurring solely and entirely by a miracle of God and not in the usual way.

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