A work of Roman Catholic moral theology

My most recent book, published earlier this year, is:
The Catechism of Catholic Ethics: A work of Roman Catholic moral theology

This book presents the teachings of Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Magisterium, as well as sound theological opinion and interpretation, on the basic principles of morality and their application, in a manner that is accessible to the ordinary layperson. This catechism was written to instruct those faithful Catholics who are willing to change their lives to conform ever more closely to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ, found in the teachings of the Catholic Church. This book is a balm for the wounds of the faithful, who have been grievously harmed by ignorance of sound moral theology, by the spread of false moral doctrines, and by the sinful influence of secular society.

Here is a chapter list. The book is over 700 pages. It covers basic principles of ethics (e.g. the three fonts of morality), as well as more advanced topics. There are many examples given of situations with their moral analysis. The book is comprehensive, but also accessible to the ordinary lay Catholic.

You can use the Look Inside feature at Amazon.com to read portions of the book.

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