M. Therese Lysaught’s grave doctrinal error

I’ve just posted a new article to Catechism.cc:
The Phoenix Abortion Case – M. Therese Lysaught’s grave doctrinal error

Lysaught is the moral theologian at Marquette University who rendered a written opinion to the hospital justifying the Phoenix abortion. My article refutes her position. Appallingly, one of the ways that she justifies abortion in cases pertaining to the life of the mother is by reference to the approval that both Rhonheimer and Grisez give to a certain partial birth abortion procedure, described by Grisez as “an operation in which instruments are used to empty and crush the head of the child so that it can be removed from the birth canal.”

She argues that Rhonheimer and Grisez approve of abortion in this case, therefore the Phoenix case should also be approved. But Grisez openly admits in that same cited passage of his book that his position on this point is not only contrary to the usual approach to medical ethics, but contrary to past decisions on the subject by the Magisterium (on multiple occasions). Grisez even admits that this type of partial birth abortion is direct.

See the article for more on these points.

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