Natural Family Planning

Here is my website on various methods of NFP.

The sympto-thermal method is perhaps the most effective, but also difficult to learn. The Standard Days Method is relatively effective, at about 95%, but it is the easiest to learn. The SDM is a modern update of the old calendar (or rhythm) method. SDM can be learned merely be reading about the method online, although also taking a class would be beneficial.

There is a website comparing the Standard Days Method to other natural methods:

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  1. cyclebeadsdotcom says:

    Thank you for your mention of the Standard Days Method in your post about natural family planning methods, especially the fact that it is easy to use. Because it is easy to use, it is easy to use correctly. Therefore, it turns out that the Standard Days Method has the highest Typical-Use efficacy, more effective than the other natural methods as well as more effective than other non-hormonal, user-directly methods in typical use.
    We have compiled a detailed summary of natural methods and efficacy in our August 26, 2010, Fertile Window blog entry. You can view it here:

    Cycle Technologies

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