the Nova Vulgata has serious problems

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Problems with the Nova Vulgata (NV) in the Gospel of Matthew

a quick summary of the problems in the New Testament NV:

1. the Latin Scriptural tradition is completely abandoned

2. the influence of Protestants on the NV is extreme:
a. the Protestant German Bible Society’s Stuttgart Latin Bible is used as the starting point for the NV
b. the Stuttgart is then amended to accord with the Protestant United Bible Societies Greek New Testament
c. all Catholic sources and all other Latin and Greek sources are entirely ignored

3. the NV omits numerous words and phrases, and more than a few entire verses, even though these are found in the Old Latin Vulgate. The Councils of Trent and of Vatican I infallibly defined the Canon of Scripture as including ‘all the parts’ of every book, in accord with the Old Latin Vulgate. The NV contradicts this teaching by omitting numerous parts of books which are found in the Old Latin Vulgate.

4. The only significant departures from the Stuttgart Latin and the UBS Greek text in the NV are a few politically-correct alterations. For example, the NV rephrases ‘sons of the groom’ (filii sponsi) to ‘guests of the wedding’ (convivae nuptiarum), contrary to the Greek and Latin texts. This makes the text gender-inclusive. In another example, the NV changes ‘silent’ to ‘tranquil’ in 1 Timothy:

Clementine Vulgate
{2:11} Mulier in silentio discat cum omni subiectione.
{2:12} Docere autem mulieri non permitto, neque dominari in virum: sed esse in silentio.

{2:11} Let a woman learn in silence with all subjection.
{2:12} For I do not permit a woman to teach, nor to be in authority over a man, but to be in silence.

Nova Vulgata
11 Mulier in tranquillitate discat cum omni subiectione;
12 docere autem mulieri non permitto neque dominari in virum, sed esse in tranquillitate.

This change contradicts all Latin sources, and is unsupported by the Greek sources. The Greek word in question does not mean ‘tranquil,’ it means ‘quiet’. A person might lead, teach, or act with authority, all with tranquility. So replacing ‘silent’ with ‘tranquil’ detracts from the teaching of this passage about differences in roles for women as compared to women. In effect, the NV editors are arguing with this passage from Scripture by their editorial choices.

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