photo of a painting

Is this a miraculous photo?

No, it is a photo of this painting:

The image appears to be of four persons. From left to right:

1. this man looks much older than Jesus, so he is not one of the Apostles.
Joseph of Arimathea is a possibility. Nicodemus is another possibility.

2. Jesus

3. this person has no beard, so it is not a man; a youth might not have a beard, so it could be John the Apostle and Gospel writer.

But this figure appears to be a woman. She is shorter and more delicate, her clothing is different, her eyes are cast down. It is not Mary. It could be Mary Magdalene, and her downcast eyes would represent her sorrow at her sins.

4. possibly Judas Iscariot; the staff in his hand could be figurative for a ‘rod of correction’; then there is the contrast between the rod of Aaron and the rods of the Pharaoh’s magicians in Exodus:

{7:12} And each one cast down their staffs, and they were turned into serpents. But the staff of Aaron devoured their staffs.

So a staff can have the negative meaning of a serpent (the devil).

The fact that the fourth figure is only partly in the photo also seems to be a negative connotation. Judas Iscariot was only partly following Jesus, that is why, in the end, he fell away completely.

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