Proverbs 16:16-23

{16:16} Possess wisdom, for it is better than gold. And acquire prudence, for it is more precious than silver.
{16:17} The path of the just turns away from evils. He who guards his soul preserves his way.
{16:18} Arrogance precedes destruction. And the spirit is exalted before a fall.
{16:19} It is better to be humbled with the meek, than to divide spoils with the arrogant.
{16:20} The learned in word shall find good things. And whoever hopes in the Lord is blessed.
{16:21} Whoever is wise in heart shall be called prudent. And whoever is sweet in eloquence shall attain to what is greater.
{16:22} Learning is a fountain of life to one who possesses it. The doctrine of the foolish is senseless.
{16:23} The heart of the wise shall instruct his mouth and add grace to his lips.

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