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More on the question of heresy, women’s ordination, and excommunication

Dr. Edward Peters has commented on the question as to whether or not Norma Jean Coon committed heresy by invalidly attempting to receive ordination to the deaconate. Was she automatically excommunicated under Canon 1364, for the sin of heresy? He … Continue reading

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Reply to Edward Peters on the Excommunication of Norma Jean Coon

Norma Jean Coon, formerly associated with the organization called ‘Roman Catholic Women Priests’ (RCWP), has repented of her past claimed ordination to the deaconate, and has returned to full communion with the Catholic Church. The CDF and her local Bishop … Continue reading

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The Third Set of Four Charisms: Unity (9)

This Unity makes the Church to have one Lord, to be one Church, to teach one Doctrine, and to walk one path of Salvation. The Roman Pontiff as the visible Head of the Church, as the Vicar of Christ, unifies … Continue reading

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When did Archbishop Carlo Vigano stop saying ‘Pope Francis’ and Why?

In an article dated Nov. 19, 2019, Archbishop Carlo M. Vigano uses certain terminology to indicate that he believes Pope Francis is an apostate and therefore no longer the valid Roman Pontiff. In public expressions prior to that date, such … Continue reading

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The Heretical and Scandalous Call for Reparations on December 12th

Here is the call from Cardinal Burke: “Cardinal Raymond Burke is backing a France-originated call to prayer and reparation on Dec. 12 for the Pachamama idolatry that took place at the Vatican during the Amazon Synod, saying that “diabolical forces” … Continue reading

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My Commentary on the Declaration of Truths (part 3)

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] The Sacraments 30. In the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist, a wonderful change takes place, namely of the whole substance of bread into the body of Christ and the whole substance … Continue reading

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My Commentary on the Declaration of Truths (part 2)

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] The Law of God 12. A justified person has the sufficient strength with God’s grace to carry out the objective demands of the Divine law, since all of the commandments of God … Continue reading

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A Canon Lawyer errs gravely on the Open Letter

At the Catholic Herald, Dr. Ed Peters comments on the Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of heresy: The heresy letter is intelligent, but doesn’t quite convince. His comments are unintelligent and heretical. 1. First, Peters misunderstands heresy. Peters: “It is … Continue reading

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Are Catholic Women who procure Abortion Excommunicated?

If they knew about that penalty when they committed the offense, Yes. Canon 1398 “A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.” Pope Saint John Paul II states that the Church has punished those guilty of … Continue reading

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Which Words or Deeds constitute Formal Schism?

Many conservative Catholics are in a state of formal schism. They continue to go to Mass and receive Communion. They continue to think themselves to be Catholics. But they are, as a matter of fact and law, schismatics who are … Continue reading

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The Extent of Possible Papal Error

A Pope can err in matters of discipline, in decisions in how to run the Church and in judgments about particular persons and cases. The only limit, in regard to discipline, is that the Pope is prevented by God from … Continue reading

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Conservative Catholics are slowly abandoning the Faith

The topic of wifely obedience used to be one in which conservative Catholics held the traditional view. A wife should be subordinate, obedience, and submissive to her husband. This is not the worldly version of each of those words, but … Continue reading

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