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Is the Pope changing a dogma on the death penalty?

A related question is: Is the Pope is saying that the death penalty is intrinsically evil? First lets carefully read the new revised numeral (It is ‘new’ because it was previously revised by Pope St. John Paul II as well): “2267 … Continue reading

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No, Taylor Marshall Children cannot be Possessed by Demons

The controversy begins with the interpretation of a Bible passage. [Deuteronomy] {20:13} And when the Lord your God will have delivered it into your hands, you shall strike down anyone who is in it, of the male gender, with the … Continue reading

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How shall we treat the Pope? (Part 3)

Part 2 of this article [here] “Paul corrected Peter, therefore I can correct the Pope” approach: Before going to St. Paul’s teaching to the Galatians, let’s keep in mind the following: St. Paul was an Apostle, but St. Peter’s position was … Continue reading

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How shall we treat the Pope? (Part 2)

Part 1 of this article [here] “The punishment of the offender ought to be in proportion to the dignity of the person wronged. Bishops are called most holy, are Christ’s ambassadors, spiritual fathers, our brothers and fellow bishops, the acknowledged … Continue reading

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How shall we treat the Pope? (Part 1)

As Christians, we are called to treat all people with charity, with respect for we have the dignity of having been created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26) (Ephesians 4:1-4) (4:32). St. Paul also teaches us to value … Continue reading

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Could St. Joseph have conjugal relationships with Holy Mary?

Some claim, “yes, he could and actually had – after all, they were married, there is nothing wrong with that”. But the actual answer is that St. Joseph didn’t and he couldn’t! St. Joseph received from God the mission to … Continue reading

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Does God choose the Pope?

Catholic Apologists Patrick Madrid and Jimmy Akin have similar views regarding the position that God does not choose each and every validly elected Pope. Patrick Madrid teaches that the Church has not taught that the Holy Spirit (God) chooses the … Continue reading

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From the Secrets of La Salette

The first and second secrets to Melanie at La Salette (my translation) with my commentary, from my book: The Secrets of La Salette and the End Times 2. “The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their bad life, … Continue reading

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Mary, Ark of the New Covenant and the Woman from Revelation 12 (Part 1)

The signs described in Revelation chapter 12 can be interpreted to be the people Israel or the Church. The following are the reasons why the “Woman” can be interpreted to be Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary, is called with … Continue reading

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Did God authorize men to forgive sins?

Jesus received authority to forgive sins as a man from the Father for He says “all authority has been given to Me” (Matt 28:18), and He then sends His Apostles with that same authority, He says “As the Father has … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Bible: Dietary Laws

Some persons criticize the Bible, and attempt to discredit its teachings on morality, by pointing to the Old Testament dietary laws. They suggest that some of the moral teachings of the Bible are as outdated, or as irrelevant to modern … Continue reading

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Two Types of False Teachers

False teachers, in Catholicism, are persons who teach grave errors on faith, morals, and/or salvation. There are only two types: 1. Those who teach error mistakenly, 2. Those who know that what they are teaching is objectively false and contrary … Continue reading

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