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Concerning the teacher of heresy, Michael Voris

UPDATED I have now banned 5 members of my discussion group, for following the teachings of the heretic Michael Voris. The discussion thread that prompted this action is here. A discussion group member (now banned) wrote these words about this … Continue reading

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Michael Voris teaches heresy on the Trinity

I’ve written about Michael Voris previously: The Errors of Michael Voris: distorted doctrine on Hell The Errors of Michael Voris: anti-Judaism at RealCatholicTV His diocese has issued this public statement There are several general problems with the teachings of Michael … Continue reading


Michael Voris is Ashamed of His Own Beliefs

…either that or he doesn’t know what he believes. Moreover, Mr. Voris couldn’t write a theological argument to support his position on salvation theology, or any other topic for that matter, if his job depended on it. (It doesn’t. His … Continue reading

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Michael Voris supports the Saint Benedict Center

The Saint Benedict Center of Richmond, NH has been condemned by the Holy See, i.e. by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Here are some public notices from the Diocese of Manchester, NH, which has authority over the … Continue reading

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Michael Voris: Public Formal Schism

This is part four of a four-article series. Read the previous three parts here: Part one, Part two, and Part three. Canon Law 751: “Can. 751 Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt after the reception of baptism of … Continue reading

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An Example of Plagiarism by Michael Voris

In July of 2013, Michael Voris published a video about Muslims and Jews, saying (incorrectly, I must add) that they have no supernatural faith. A large portion of that video was plagiarized, stolen almost word for word from an interview … Continue reading


Michael Voris implies Pope Francis lacks Supernatural Faith

This is part two in a four-article series. Part one is here. 1. Supernatural Faith At baptism, we receive the infused theological virtues of love, faith, and hope, and the state of grace. Everyone in the state of grace has … Continue reading


Michael Voris accuses Pope Francis of Mortal Sin

This is the first of a four-part series on public assertions by Michael Voris at about the Supreme Pontiff and Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis. One article will be released each week in March (not necessarily on the same … Continue reading

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Michael Voris versus Feeneyism

This past weekend, I had a dispute on Twitter with Christine Niles of over some assertions I made, first about Feeneyism then about schism. This post is about Feeneyism, and the next one will be about schism. Feeneyism I … Continue reading


The Pope versus Michael Voris

Michael Voris has accused Pope Francis of being in a state of unrepentant actual mortal sin. “Thou shalt not bear false witness” against the Vicar of Christ. Michael Voris has put himself above every Cardinal and Bishop on earth, to … Continue reading


Michael Voris: Insults, Name-calling, and Calumny

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NOTE: I am working on a book about Voris which will prove the errors in his theology and his method of preaching. Michael Voris video title: “The Vortex — Completely Mental” subtitle: “Touched. Off his rocker. Out to lunch.” Feb … Continue reading

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Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity

I’m working on a chapter titled “Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity”. I thought the chapter would just be about Michael Voris’ heresies on the Trinity. But, no, he utters terrible blasphemies, without realizing it, in this video: The Blessed … Continue reading

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My position on Michael Voris and Church Militant

*Note: “objective mortal sin” is the grave sin itself, considered objectively, without regard to whether it is committed with full knowledge and full deliberation, and “actual mortal sin” is all three factors: grave sin, full knowledge, and full deliberation. I’m … Continue reading

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The Hate Speech of Michael Voris and Church Militant

Notice: in order to argue against the hate speech used by Michael Voris and Church Militant, I am unfortunately forced to put that rhetoric on my site, so that readers can know exactly what is being said and why it … Continue reading

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Michael Voris versus Mark Shea on Bishop Robert Barron

Michael Voris has accused Bishop Robert Barron of teaching a form of the heresy of universalism, based on Barron’s assertion that “perhaps” no human persons are ever condemned to eternal punishment in Hell, and that we may “reasonably hope” that … Continue reading


Some Catholics are Preparing to Accuse Pope Francis of Heresy

Over at the blog One Peter Five, Steve Skojec is preparing his readers to accept an accusation of heresy against Pope Francis. How is he doing this? First, by accusing two past Popes of heresy: Honorius I and John XXII. … Continue reading

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Michael Voris: grave errors on salvation theology

This post reviews three videos offered by Michael Voris at on the topic of salvation. In 2011, Voris was publicly rebuked by the Bishop of the diocese of Scranton, PA for “his extreme positions on other faiths”. His scheduled … Continue reading


How Michael Voris and his Supporters harm the Church

Michael Voris has decided to take a role teaching his fellow Catholics. In that role as a teacher, he is doing much harm to the souls of the faithful. And many Catholic bloggers, including Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, are committing the … Continue reading


Fr. Z. versus Michael Voris

Fr. Z. has repeatedly publicly stated his unqualified support for Michael Voris. He frequently promotes Voris’ videos and teachings on his blog. He has traveled to Washington D.C. with Voris. Why does Fr. Z. support and promote the work of … Continue reading


Why neither the Pope, nor the body of Bishops, can commit heresy

A valid Pope can never commit the sin of apostasy, or heresy, or schism, because God positively and absolutely prevents it. See my previous article: Can a Pope commit the sin of heresy? By the grace of God, and by … Continue reading